Eivind Husebø – “I Feel Love” ft. The Beat Disciples

When getting a new Eivind Husebø track, don’t ever go into it expecting it to sound like another song. I think Husebø has an amazing ability to create music that is so unlike anyone else….even himself sometimes. He incorporates so many different musical influences into his music that the end result is very own distinct genre. From Rock to EDM and Pop, plus a little something in between, Eivind Husebø always surprise on each subsequent release.

His latest single, “I Feel Love” ft. The Beat Disciples, is no exception. From the off, with the edgy, slow-building synth and bass-heavy rhythm, the edgy, nagging melody is befitting of a classic Darkwave set piece. It’s clear that this is both a catchy and challenging listen. The reason this is a quintessential benchmark of pop, rock and electronic music is because it marries dance, Goth and synth influences so seamlessly.

And when Eivind Husebø takes the mic, his confident swagger is a confirmation that he wrote the words coming out of his mouth. Captivating and sophisticated this is so much a fully-composed listening experience that begs to be played from start to finish, over and over again.

From the resonant vocals to the pulsing instrumentation, every element on “I Feel Love” ft. The Beat Disciples is standout. And the control Eivind Husebø exhibit over his studio craft is impeccable.

Eivind Husebø is an unsigned Norwegian singer-songwriter and guitarist, from Osterøy, Bergen.

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