DVEC – “Worst Love” from the album “Road Ahead”

DVEC’s whole existence is based on constant creative growth. Their 3rd and latest album, “Road Ahead”, comes to define their dark and immersive ‘ode to personal survival’ phase. This, for me, is where DVEC’s music becomes something truly visceral. Be warned, “Road Ahead” isn’t the kind of album to put on in the background while you do washing the dishes, nor will it provide adequate motivation for your jog around the block. This is music to give your full attention to, preferably while lying in the dark with headphones in place. The album could almost be described as electro-psychedelic, if such a thing existed. If not, this due has just invented it.  “Road Ahead” is a quietly unnerving and transformative form of psychedelia, best enjoyed solely in the company of Eunice Cazarez and Dexuality Valentino.

Eunice and Dexuality form DVEC – an electronic musical duo travelling a different path. They have never met, nor spoken to each other. They even live on different continents. The music is made through emails sent back and forth. Eunice Cazarez is a Mexican American Artist living in Portland Oregon, while Dexuality Valentino is a creative based in the UK one part of the Broken Toy Company. “The Road Ahead” was born out of trying to survive the chaos of the pandemic, and being isolated from the world as we knew it,” explains DVEC.

“Along with the acceptance of this new reality, came the added affliction of trying to mend a broken heart. Letting the pain flood in and take over, as well as my fears and darkest thoughts, and allowing them to control of my emotions.”

“Road Ahead” takes us through this journey of desperation and loneliness, to point where self-discovery, self-appreciation, and self-empowerment gains the upper hand validating the reasons to live and love.

Over its 12-track duration the album does an excellent job of immersing us in DVEC’s dark, meditative world. A skittering, sometimes claustrophobic, sometimes spacious electronic soundscape, and the ideal soundtrack to inner-searching rituals. It is an ambitious, forward-thinking sprawl that evokes the pioneering spirit of electronica’s most avant-garde innovators. The sense of adventure and experimentation is palatable throughout.

Driven forward by a haunting electronic undercurrent that constantly threatens to pull you under, these musical pieces crawl and slumber through psychological and emotional exploration. The music and the vocal intonations slowly but surely absorbing the listener.

Dripping in mystery and mysticism: the songs create mesmeric dreamlike tones. It’s hard to describe just how deep “Road Ahead” goes, but if you’ve got the time and the inclination, it will take you deeper than you can imagine.

From the very first track, “Road Ahead” wraps the listener up in an incredibly immersive, tormented world, before finally finding the light towards the end. All the way through, DVEC are relentless in their pursuit of sonic inspiration.

Despite the album’s somber themes, there is a beauty in all Eunice Cazarez and Dexuality Valentino accomplish here. It’s a haunting ride through minimal twisted vocals and futuristic musical visions that snowball from one tone to another, without ever failing to grab at the soul and heartstrings.

The compositions on “Road Ahead” blend seamlessly to make a thoroughly atmospheric collection of cathartic songs which creep into your subconscious and become more meaningful, and more intoxicating with each listen.

DVEC have once again created something undeniably unique. To add fuel to the fire, the album was mastered by Rafter Roberts, whose credits include Fiery Furnaces, Sufjan Stevens, and Arab on Radar, among others.


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