Doottak is a truly do-it-yourself artist who writes, performs, and produces his own music. His style combines smooth, entrancing vocals with a variety of instruments including guitar, piano, and midi elements. His diverse background influences Doottak’s music, as he has lived in various places, including Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan. He incorporates elements of pop, R&B, and contemporary rock into his music, which reflects his multi-culturalism. All the expected modern singer-songwriter hallmarks are present on his brand new debut album, “In Fact, I Do”. From the youthful vulnerability and openhearted lyrics, to the patient strumming, careful backing, and delicately poignant singing, this recording should have genre devotees awash with emotion and nostalgic enchantment.


“In Fact, I Do” is a refreshing departure from the typical work of Doottak’s peers and contemporaries. The album displays Doottak’s emotional depth and the wisdom gained from his personal experiences. The songs on the album present Doottak as a profound, sensitive and astute individual who is continuously learning about the complexities of life and love.

Doottak derives meaning, purpose, and comfort from sharing his personal thoughts, experiences and feelings through his music with his audience. Each of the songs on “In Fact, I Do” is crafted in a way that allows the listener to feel as though they are having a personal conversation with the singer-songwriter.

The instrumentation and vocals are not overwhelming or overpowering, but rather serve to enhance the intimate, one-on-one feeling of the music. This allows the listener to fully connect with Doottak and his experiences, and feel a sense of closeness and understanding through the music.

The album opens with the gentle shimmering strum of “19” where Doottak finds the right words and melody to express the feelings we can all share. “Star Shining On My Head” adds a steady and distinct beat to the proceedings, as well as layered background vocals.

This is followed by “Raindust”, which is also propelled by a gentle but deliberate rhythm and Doottak’s sweetly mellifluous voice. “Don’t Fall” brings us to the album’s halfway mark with its jangling guitars and rolling basslines.

Artwork designed by Doottak

By the time we press play on the album’s two standout tracks “Can’t See The Sky” and “She’s Psychedelic”, it’s clear that Doottak has released a superb album that touches the heart and leaves a lasting impression.

The songs are beautifully and simply arranged, while each one tells a relatable and deeply emotional story. While some tracks are more fleshed out than others Doottak effectively conveys his messages through carefully chosen lyrics in each of them.

The full strum of the acoustic guitar ushers in the slow sway of “Touch Me”, before Doottak closes the album with the gently bouncing “Circling”. Overall, the album’s generally downtempo and acoustic-driven sound, outside of the occasional more complex instrumental flourishes, allows the lyrics and Doottak’s poignant voice to take center stage, giving the record a personal and intimate feel.

“In Fact, I Do” is an album of perfectly put together tracks, without all the glitter and fuss of modern bombast. It’s a reminder that few musicians are as masterful as Doottak at writing such delicately enticing songs.

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