Di Santos – “Tell Me”

Di Santos is a musician composer who lives in Portugal, where his work is best known. He usually produces and creates his own material along with Eliana Silva. His music is played on radio stations throughout the world, and his song “Tell Me”, is part of the track-list of a new soap opera on CMTV.

“Tell Me” kicks off thoughtfully, with a folk-pop sensibility, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a thumping drum.  Di Santos doesn’t need much production to fuel his fire – he sounds terrific just the way he is. Whatever instrumentation he adds to the song later, only adds sugar to an already sweet performance.

Di Santos does not need to reinvent the wheel on “Tell Me“, he just needs to be his true self. Here, it’s all upbeat, positive vibes, as he dishes out messages of love and longing. He follows each verse with a clever pre-chorus that thrives on optimistic wordplay, and in the chorus, the encouraging, hopeful language continues in all its glory.

Di Santos’ performance is alluring and radiant. Vocally, his tenor remains both edgy and sweet, while his bars are agile and endearing. A breezy, bright, and chivalrous number.  “Tell Me” checks off all of the boxes Di Santos excels at. It’s easy to be hypnotized by the beauty of his vocal instrument, and it’s in full-on expressive mode on here.

This record sounds fuses singer-songwriter, and folk-pop, while being anchored by a robust bass line and an insistent drumbeat.  From the start, this somewhat quirky tune is groovy to the ninth degree – there’s an undeniable charm and an infectious vibe. “Tell Me” takes audiences to Di Santos’ true troubadour vibe of catchy guitar riffs and spot-on street corner rhymes all about knowing, wanting, and giving love.

Connect with Di Santos via his Social Media 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Disantosmusico/
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jlarusso100

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