dezabel – “With You”

On his latest single, “With You”, which drops officially on the 1st of July, Zurich based musician and producer, dezabel has delivered a complex, deeply satisfying track, which offers a sophisticated new blueprint for crossover pop and dance music It is a million miles better than most of the commercial sounds extrapolated from the genre-blend, by so-called ‘superstar’ producers. Forging a luscious, dynamic depth of sound, augmented with snatches of throbbing basslines, shimmering clean guitars and warm keys, dezabel creates a distinctive, polished and crisp sound all his own.

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The keys are layered with an intricacy that belies their melodic purity, the basslines recall the roots of power synth-pop and electro-soul, without sounding retro or nostalgic. Captivating from start to finish, this is where the stunning featured vocalist meets the momentum of the music in transcendent harmony. It can be hard for any artist to pull together a wealth of influences and come up with something genuinely hypnotic, but dezabel does just that.

In recent years, dezabel has forged a reputation as one of the most mind-blowingly innovative and accomplished underground producers in the world. A studio creative who possess a unique understanding of the ebbs and flows of the popular song and who demonstrates an almost telepathic understanding of the modern crowd. This comprehension of his audience extends into the new single, “With You”.

Throughout dezabel sticks to the fundamental dictum that music should take you to somewhere. It should transport you to a place where you feel something. To that end, “With You” finds dezabel perpetuating his approach to sound manipulation and furthering his own unique, sonic identity. This singularity is apparent throughout the track. What becomes immediately clear is how confident and in control he is of the sound. This allows the singer to navigate an immediately cohesive composition.

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dezabel introduces a tight beat that resonates like a hammer beating at its foundation. There is a continuing and captivating dualism between the music and vocals throughout. dezabel and his selected crew of musicians, fill every space with gradations of sonic texture, as the producer manipulates the backdrop, maximizing the emotional impact and guiding the melody towards taking the listener on a transcendental journey. The result is a sweeping, majestic song that sends the singer soaring into soulful bliss.

“Think of you like you’re mine to keep. All the words that I never speak. I imagine it all with you. I’m not ready to face the truth. Within touch but you’re out of reach. Hazel eyes filling up my dreams. I imagine it all with you. I’m not ready to face the truth,” recites the chorus, as the song takes full flight. Even the hardest-hitting moments here feel warm, melancholic and immersive, despite the undeniable bounce and groove of “With You”.

Over the years, dezabel has obviously put in the time to refine and hone his craft, which blends the electronic with the organic. His industrious approach was unlikely to create instant stardom but that drive, and restless urge, has permeated every single track that has resonated beyond dezabel’s studio. The sum of the producer’s labors are recordings that carry echoes of the club, and mainstream radio waves, but aspire to so much more. That vision has been totally realized on the mesmerizing “With You”.


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