December Fades – “Save The World”

Signed to the multimedia sync company Accidental Entertainment, December Fades is the moniker of Los Angeles singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Kevin Rogers. Though centered on elements of romantic pop, this is an artist, who cannot be put into any one box. He throws his total skillset and varied influences into his mixes, and fuses it all together to form something truly extraordinary that is as immersive, as it is radio-ready and accessible. The result is a catalog of music that reaches great heights. Clearly we are in the presence of a songwriting master, and a musician who clearly adores his craft. He favors instant choruses and big emotions, which easily captivate his listeners, but is just as efficient delivering moody, atmospheric motifs, which enchant and intoxicate. This is the case with his latest single, “Save The World”.

Kevin Rogers aka December Fades

Mixing both organic and electronic touchstones to imbue the requisite atmospherics, “Save The World” – propelled by a dark and imperious backdrop – is an exhilarating listening experience. December Fades immensely heartfelt, passionate and powerfully sincere delivery gives the song a weight of substance and universal appeal. There is a burning to this record, a subtle, pent up energy that this artist so carefully balances with melody, that it’s hard to put your finger on.

December Fades’ songs have a way of washing over you, and overwhelming your emotions. Here he adds an addictive urgency to that equation. His forthright authenticity is thoroughly activated, and shines through the music, commanding your attention.

“Watch her as she bleeds. Begs and pleads. Hear her scream. Choking she can’t breathe. Ash and greed. Gluttony. Me and you. The rising youth. Mend broken truth. Fight nail and tooth. Keep her spinnin’. We could save the world,” exclaims December Fades, as he unfolds the song’s narrative.

December Fades gives a stellar vocal performance, while his song writing ability is strong and secure.  Part of the magic of this project is the way December Fades straddles the spectacular with the sincere, blending traces of Nine Inch Nails with the Muse.

The single cover artwork

The singer-songwriter imbues his songs with relevance and color, thanks to his ability with words and music. The song moves along through its verse and chorus themes and builds to brilliant apexes of greatly voiced tones, alongside the track’s suspenseful atmosphere.

“Save The World” is simply one masterful and subtly provocative work that maintains a level of tension while pulling at the emotions. This track is anything but your ordinary pop cheese. “Save The World” has the most modern cutting-edge sound in the December Fades catalog thus far, and signals yet another extensive variation of his skillset.

The track definitely highlights the artist as an innovative and highly proficient songwriter. Heightened by a vivid and refined musicality, “Save The World”, is also buffered with a great sense of ambition and is truly a cut above the December Fades’ competition.

To be fully honest, everything about Kevin Rogers aka December Fades, is on a completely different level to anyone currently claiming to be the best singer-songwriter in the independent music scene.


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