Cocoy Claravall – “Love You More (Andrew Stem Remix)”

Cocoy Claravall is an indie Christian singer-songwriter and producer from Manila Philippines, and serves in the Couples for Christ community. Influenced by The Beatles, Jim Croce, Steven Curtis Chapman, Don Moen, and Gary Valenciano, Cocoy started writing songs back in the 80s, and collaborates with good friend Paul Tagle and other artists globally. Cocoy is also an Independent Spotify Playlist Curator and certified God follower. Cocoy Claravall continues to make everyday music for the everyday believer of Jesus Christ, and he proves it once again on his latest track “Love You More (Andrew Stem Remix)”. This time around Cocoy brings a strong EDM flavor to his pop stylings, for an uplifting and invigorating listening experience.

We’ve had the pleasure of having Cocoy Claravall on the pages of our magazines on many different occasions, and as in his previous releases, Cocoy is transparent in his relationship and walk with God. He presents the successes, failures, faith and doubts he has experienced as he keeps moving forward in living a life following his savior.

Anyone can relate so well to how Cocoy expresses himself personally in song, that they will be encouraged to know that they have shared experiences with someone else. Not everyone’s particular circumstances and experiences are the same as his, but many will share a common destination if they have faith.

This is the first release from Cocoy Claravall that I have heard, which is predominantly upbeat EDM orientated. However, he is consistent in delivering a distinctive, pure sound that has his own unique signature, no matter what the beat or style.

The production on “Love You More (Andrew Stem Remix)” is excellent, tasteful, with just the right amount of restraint. The engineering is also magnificent, allowing the clarity of the vocals to be heard expressing each word clearly. People forget, how this is so important, because you can easily understand what he is singing, without having to guess the words.

“Love You More (Andrew Stem Remix)” has crossover potential for airplay on Christian, Pop, and Dance radio stations. It’s just that good. While this is a Praise and Worship track in essence, this is certainly one that spreads the good news and lifts your spirit.

Cocoy Claravall makes sure that you feel his passion for Christ through the lyrics, the voice and music. Gospel music has always been uplifting in all of its guises, and this EDM/Pop gem has not missed the mark. It’s great to have fresh melodies and beats in Cristian music, but what is truly amazing is the content does not suffer.

There is no mistaking who is being praised throughout this track and it is refreshing to have a gospel artist not afraid to worship God and use the Lord’s name without hesitation. The words to this song is a celebration, to how great gospel artists, can stay current and relevant in today’s society without sacrificing their salvation and message.

Inspirational and spiritually binding, with “Love You More (Andrew Stem Remix)”, Cocoy Claravall brings us another track that is a healing and a blessing at the same time!


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