Boy Named Andrew – ‘Chemistry’ from the EP “Lost Tempo”

Let’s start at the end. “Lost Tempo” is a terrific recording. It`s a little different to what you expect to hear from current day artists and bands. It evokes some delightfully immersive atmospheres, with intelligent lyrics, deeply emotive melodies, accomplished musicianship and really well-crafted tunes. This is a much more mature sound from Boy Named Andrew, than the fodder we usually get to experience on mainstream radio. The “Lost Tempo” EP coincides with the fiction book of the same name. From the United States, Boy Named Andrew considers himself a multi-genre artist. Creating music from his soul, and collaborating with other like-minded artists, he released his first EP, “HODL”, in 2021, and has followed that up with this, his latest EP release, “Lost Tempo”, which dropped in 2022.

“After releasing HODL in 2021, and with that being somewhat of a sad album, I felt like I needed to create something a bit happier this time, and that spawned Lost Tempo,” explains Boy Named Andrew. Writing. Playing. Singing. Producing.

“Lost Tempo” is the most complete sounding project from Boy Named Andrew yet. On so many levels, it feels like he has kicked aside his shoes and decided to simply be whatever he wants to be, practicing what he preaches, suggesting at this point that sonically, for him nothing is impossible.

The opening track ‘Chemistry’ is emotional and energetic, with rolling percussion, resonant pianos and fiery guitars, in support of a soaring vocal. It is a real anthem and will leave a lasting impression, making you want to hit the repeat button almost immediately.

The following track, ‘Smiling Faces’ featuring Joe Bills, turns up the emotional quotient even more, with a melodically captiving melody driven by an infectious vocal tone. The harmonies and vocal arrangements in general are sublime to say the least.

The mid-tempo and reverberating ‘Too Old to Die Young’ featuring Harro, hovers between an impressive alternative and progressive rock aura that comes from another dimension. It sounds irresistibly nostalgic and classic, yet exactly of its time.

On ‘Pepper Spray’ a Boy Named Andrew completely flips the sonic template in a futuristic track infused with waves of twisting synths, throbbing drums and the spoken word. These two tracks alone highlight the breadth of his musical reach.

“Backfire” keeps marching forward into a hard-hitting electronic world, where driving percussion and thumping bass-drum kicks, meet a wall of sonic pads and twinkling keys. With a slight turn of the volume knob, this track could easily shake the dancefloor.

Again, the amount of diversity a Boy Named Andrew is able to infuse into each of his tracks, is astounding.  Strangely enough, despite the different musical stylings from track to track, these songs never sound like they’ve been thrown together haphazardly.

“Lost Tempo” sounds cohesive and guided by the same pair of hands all throughout it’s runtime. It showcases many tonal and stylistic changes, which all work brilliantly, while the vocal talent on the project is outstanding.

he production on this EP is also phenomenal, as are the melodies in these songs. Boy Named Andrew does a fantastic job of creating a unique universe for his records, and immersing the listener in that universe from start to finish. The five tracks on “Lost Tempo” are captivating, entertaining, and highly replayable, over, and over again.


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