Bluecherry – “Cryin’ Star”

The song “Cryin’ Star” by Bluecherry is leisurely paced, something quite unusual in the pop spectrum nowadays. But theb this is Ambient Pop. Those who are used to frenetic juveniles jumping up and down with head busting sounds need not bother. Bluecherry is more than a craftsman: he is an artist who takes you by the hand and leads you through his music, and creates a sonic world of his own design. The music is powerful, yet introspective. And he even has the good-willed manner of outlining the song’s theme:

“The song talks about the manipulation that goes behind trying to make someone fall in love with you. The production is based on a fictitious ‘Alice in Wonderland’ forest setting. The intention was to use as much organic reverb from wood instruments as well as natural living creatures to give that effect on the song.” Considering how many songs are misinterpreted, this clearly marks the narrator’s intention.

How is this record so impossibly beautiful and perfect? There is incredible emotional depth and musical integrity to the track. And the music accomplishes this in such unexpected ways. Contrary to the simple melody and immediately identifiable and familiar sound, for me, this record is complex and rich, yet accessible on an emotional level.

There is a strong sense of the personal, of self-discovery and even a spiritual depth, in the track’s sensual mix of electric and acoustic guitars, and in its poetic grace and quiet beauty. It is the kind of song that requires the right mood or time of day to fully reveal its essential strength. But if you’re not in that mood, this song most definitely will take you there.

Rather than just a songwriting troubadour or pop balladeer, Bluecherry sounds like the kind of constantly developing artist who brings new ideas to everything he visits, searching for the right mood and texture like a pop-music philosopher who considers his sonic art as part of a quest for spiritual perfection.

The fact that what appears to be a simple love ballad works as a thematic piece on all these levels shows that Bluecherry is on the right track with “Cryin’ Star”.

Along with brilliant sound design, imaginative use of instrumentation, and ambience for days, there are so many things to listen to on this track, primarily Bluecherry’s voice which dominates the melody and enhances the overall mood of the track – proof that there are still living artists creating music that is vital, and for that I’m very thankful.


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