Blu Collar Glomeration – “Deadman’s Hill”

Formerly a performer at the Harrisburg, PA Doshi Gallery Dinner Theater in the mid-eighties, lyricist David M. Lujanac has released albums of eclectic music on the Eidol e-music label. Renowned and explosive rockers Blu Collar Glomeration have embellished Lujanac’s lyrics and his poetry has captured the imagination of musicians around the globe.

As the most well-received artist at the Doshi Gallery, Lujanac performed adventure ballads of his own creation under the stage name Blu Collar. As a columnist, his works have appeared frequently in the Pennsylvania Beacon, a weekly newspaper prominent during that era.

The album, Housebroken, is a tasteful mix of humor, adventure, angst, and poignancy reflecting the cares of everyday American life. From soft, sweet love songs to rowdy revenge-seeking truck drivers to a country boy scoping out the big city, Housebroken touches all bases with warmth, sensitivity, and the understanding of one who has gone through it all.

The frontispiece, also titled Housebroken, is told from the perspective of a lost and homeless puppy whereas the final number, 100-Miles From Memphis, is a thumbnail biography of a well-loved and revered recording star from the early days of rockn roll.

The album is available from iTunes, rdio, Google, Amazon, and Spotify.


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