Blindboss – “Newport Douche” and “Toad”

Max Histrionic is the sole member of the multimedia experience known as Blindboss. Max plays guitar, bass, drums, sings vocals and writes the songs. Blindboss crafts a live multimedia show which he cleverly performs as a 3-piece band at high end venues, creating a loud, futuristic rock n roll, performance-based experience. Max may be a single performer, however Blindboss is anything but a single-minded musical project. An astounding fusion of unhinged power, ear grasping melodies, stimulating lyrics and the potential ability to reach audiences in both underground and mainstream circles, Blindboss has redefined the modern music rules. If you like punk, hardcore or metal-core, just plain hard rock or metal there is a lot to love about the 12 track Blindboss album “Our Tribe”.

All tracks on the album are pumped full of energy and are well captured in the digital medium. Falling into a typical crossover punk-metal style with a hardcore edge, and despite the loud approach, this recording should move Blindboss into the radar and somewhat more into the mainstream spotlight with plenty of melodic riffs and passionate vocals.

Max’s voice is able to sing, growl or scream – sometimes all in the same song – which adds to the extremely addictive quality of this work. Throughout the album Blindboss demonstrates some solid guitar work, hooky riffs, fast rhythms and superior vocals for this style of music. And considering this is a one-man project, makes it so much more impressive.

With how catchy Blindboss’ songs are, it can be easy to forget how satirically charged his lyrics can be too. So pay close attention to the verbiage or you’ll be missing a large portion of the pure unadulterated enjoyment here. Though the lyrics are biting, it rarely suffocate you with its messages.

And even when the message is front and center, the songs are so haunting and viciously unrelenting it seems to penetrate your brain more subtly hidden in between the incredible music arrangements. I know this sounds like a contradiction, but it is not.

I just don’t have a better way to explain it. One thing that is easy to explain is that out of all the modern guitar rock bands to come out over the past few years, Blindboss is certainly one of the better ones. His music offers no compromise.

That means, creativity, performance skill, production quality and audience accessibility is never overlooked or even scaled down in any measure. On each song the listener always perceives to receive the absolute maximum input possible from Max Histrionic. Crank up the volume on the raucous opening rocker “Roman Coke”, and you will be flabbergasted by the sheer energy.

Drop the needle in mid-album on “Jaguar’s Creed” and you will be awe-inspired by Max’s vocal morphing as he switches between singing and growling seamlessly. Now press play on the closer “Shade Struck” and marvel at the start-stops and time-shifts, as well as the soaring choruses.

You can do the above test on any track of your choice, and always find something that will impress you. It’s just the way that Blindboss’ music is structured. Remember, he is doing the work of three, or more, anything less than awesome will bring criticism, as to why he didn’t get a bass player or drummer.

But that is unlikely to happen on the evidence of what can be heard “Our Tribe”. Blindboss is awesome in everything he does on this project. My favorite moments include the guitar riffs on “Newport Douche”. The solid, driving bass work on “R.A.L.U.”, and the all-round guitar work on “Matriarch”.

The crazy drumming on “Kelsey Rae” and “Bug’s Log”. And of course the singing on…well, everywhere. Overall, this is one of the best punk-metal albums of the last couple of years. Musically, vocally, and lyrically impressive, the songwriting and music production is right up there with everything else. Brilliant!


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