Black And Blue – “Run To California”

Based out of New York, Black And Blue is an All American band that fuses R&B, Pop, and Alternative Rock. Their debut EP “Object of Desire” is meant to deal with the things that we desire, whether it be an escape, love, or drugs, as well as the longing for youth and to find purpose in life. The EP really sounds pretty much like the cover art looks – tempting, seductive, but a little dark, twisted and mysterious. I got on board this 4 track train and really enjoyed the ride. I think that this EP has a fantastic transportative quality. It puts me in a car, driving down highways under a starry sky, like something from a film. It’s ultra-groovy. The sound is gorgeous, from Maximilian Pintilie’s vocals, to the guitar, courtesy of Liam Murray, which alternates from overdriven distortion to sweet and clean jangly rhythms, onto Morgan Mcgivern’s otherworldly funky bass-lines, and Chase Allardice’s solid drum beats.

This is a recording that grows on you. It takes more than one or two listenings to start to fully appreciate it. The melodies are incredibly catchy, and the lyrics very smart and insightful. Right from the opening track “Run To California”, the EP delivers a smattering of songs which showcase the band’s tenacious attitude and overwhelming talent.

Lead singer Maximilian Pintilie makes every line of the opening track sound infectious, and it definitely proves why the song deserves lead single status. Every band, so the theory goes, has at least one great song in them, but Black And Blue have some more up their sleeves.

The band’s best and perhaps most distinguishing feature, disregarding Pintilie’s vocals, are the surprising little vignettes of sound which switch into deliciously different musical genres and makes itself felt in force here. The band can at once sound, funky, poppy and then rocky at the drop of a hat.

A detail like this seems worth mentioning, if only because so much of Black And Blue’s appeal lies in its ability to trigger intense feelings of nostalgia for music eras gone by. These are absolutely brilliant songs that are jam-packed with raw emotion hardly found today.

The overdriven guitar on “YOU” captures glimmers of psychedelic magic. Powered by an insistent beat and other rock n’ roll tricks, the song’s chorus is both enthralling and kind of sad. This track contain all the alternative stuff the band excels at. Their sound is dynamic; high energy, emotional, and hook-laden.

Although this may seem typical of most bands, Black And Blue just has something about them that elevates the band to the next level. And they unleash that shiny, melodic accessibility on “High Friends In Low Places”.

Lead singer Maximilian Pintilie serves as the driving force behind the band; you can sense his anguish, passion, or anger on each note as he pours his heart out. His high energy, one-liners, and occasional relief are just more of the characteristics that make him such a perfect front-man for the band. However it has to be said that Pintilie is backed by innovative guitars, slick bass-lines, and powerful drumming that complete a defining sound.

Black And Blue leaves the best for last, as “Caroline” is a poignant and impacting song, probably the best in the bunch for me. A simple but resonating bass underlies and understated beat, extremely tasteful guitar lines and a delicate but passionate vocal. In a word one would describe this track as sublime.

Containing no filler, “Object of Desire’s” perpetual capability to remain alluring throughout is something to be admired. Most significantly, the EP is easily relatable at all levels. This effectiveness is nothing short of exemplary from a musical combination offering an original blend of liveliness and infectious hooks.


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