Big Bus Dream – “C’mon Dream”

Ladies and gentlemen of the sonic voyage, fasten your seatbelts, for we’re about to embark on a thrilling odyssey through the realm of dreams with none other than the enigmatic maestro himself, Big Bus Dream, a.k.a. Mike Shannon. The indie alternative rock luminary is poised to electrify the auditory senses yet again with his upcoming single, “C’mon Dream,” slated to drop like a meteor shower on August 17th, 2023. Brace yourselves, for this sonic séance that beckons you to wander into the wild landscapes of your subconscious. Drawing inspiration from the very fabric of his dreamscape, Big Bus Dream’s latest offering promises a symphonic tapestry spun from threads of nocturnal visions. Imagine a canvas splashed with the gritty warmth of Shannon’s vocals, interwoven with the hypnotic chime of resonating guitars, and grounded by the unwavering pulse of heart-pounding rhythms. This isn’t just music; it’s the emotional residue of ethereal experiences poured into a aural cauldron, conjuring melodies and lyrics that dance between the tangible and the surreal.

“C’mon Dreams” is a poignant reflection on the power of nostalgia, dreams, and the yearning for idealized moments. Big Bus Dream’s introspective lyrics, combined with the musical arrangement, create a captivating experience that resonates with listeners who also long for the return of cherished memories or the rekindling of past emotions. It’s a song that invites introspection and encourages listeners to reflect on their own experiences of longing and nostalgia.

The genesis of this sonic odyssey stretches back to the tail end of 2022 when Big Bus Dream embarked on a sonic pilgrimage that spanned a staggering eight months. The fruit of this labor is a trove of 25 distinctive compositions that traverse the intricate maze of the artist’s dreamscape. Each song, a whispered secret from the subconscious, grants fans an intimate peek into the enigma of Big Bus Dream’s psyche. Picture yourself riding shotgun alongside Shannon, journeying through the corridors of his dreams, exploring the vast expanse of his imagination. The melodies are hypnotic, the lyrics thought-provoking; it’s an otherworldly experience you won’t want to miss.

This, of course, isn’t Big Bus Dream’s first tango with acclaim. Cast your mind back to 2022, when his single “Hear Me Roar” stormed the sonic battleground. Critics and devotees the world over couldn’t help but bow to its pop-rock and country prowess. But there was also a symphony of admiration that rained down upon his 2021 single “Giant In My Mind.”

Big Bus Dream’s journey, however, is more labyrinthine than a mere critical acclaim. The narrative encompasses decades, weaving a tale of musical resurrection. His early years, marked by performances at iconic venues like CBGBs and Max’s Kansas City from 1980 to 1986, cast him as a stalwart in the ebullient punk and rock era. A hiatus spanning twelve years then ensued, and upon his return, he was greeted by a metamorphosed music industry. “The music business was never magical; now it’s merely a fantasy,” states Shannon. His sagely insights reflect the seismic shifts and the phoenix-like transformation of an art form he’s lived and breathed.

And lest we forget, Mike Shannon’s 4thward band scaled the pinnacles of triumph in 2000 with their eponymous release, a jewel that soared to #20 on the National CMJ Top 200 charts. Their sonic conquest was immortalized by Celebrity Cafe, conferring upon them the laurel of “Album of the Day.” With “C’mon Dream,” Big Bus Dream isn’t merely stepping onto the limelight; he’s ascending a sonic summit, ready to embrace the world once again and orchestrate a symphony of the senses.

As the countdown to August 17th gains momentum, a palpable thrill pervades the air. Fans, aficionados, and industry insiders alike stand united in their anticipation for this new musical treat. Big Bus Dream’s unique artistry, entwined with the mystic muse of dreams, guarantees that “C’mon Dream” and the forthcoming album will etch their signatures into Shannon’s legacy. Prepare to be captivated, enraptured, and ultimately transported to a sonic dimension only Big Bus Dream can conjure.

So, wanderers of the musical cosmos, if your ears thirst for sonic revelations, if your spirit aches for a communion with the surreal, heed the call of “C’mon Dream.” It’s more than a song; it’s an invitation to traverse the corridors of dreams, to glimpse the beauty that thrives in the interstice between reality and reverie. Don’t be a mere spectator—immerse yourself in the sonic sorcery. Visit **** now, where you can catch a tantalizing glimpse of the impending single and secure your passage into Big Bus Dream’s mesmerizing world with discounts on the upcoming album. The dreamscape awaits; are you ready to answer the call?

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