Bert Fenber – “Bright Eyes”

With age comes experience, with experience comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes a greater sensibility to the people and the world that surrounds you. At least that is our hope and wish. Looking at the dire state of global affairs right now it seems as if that previous equation hardly applies to anyone anymore. I say ‘hardly’, because there still are people like Bert Fenber in the world. In recent months Bert brought us his poignant and thoughtful single, “Golden Trees”, as well his protest on the woes of climate change, entitled “No Return”. Now he is back with the optimistic love song “Bright Eyes”, which is yet another testimony to his human sensitivities and sentiments.

Bert Fenber sounds re-energized on “Bright Eyes”. His voice loudly echoes out his feelings, while the vocals of Jacqueline Weber resonates in the background, and the jangle and grit of Otto Rasche’s guitars drive the song’s momentum. Not forgetting the sterling work of producer Jochen Hohmann behind the boards. Like every great Fenber song, there’s a mix of crunchy rock energy and catchy folk-pop melody, while his voice is certainly improving with age.

Bert Fenber is a master of crafting lyrics that not only sound good, but that get to the heart of sometimes complicated matters, and he can turn that trick in a variety of settings, both emotional and musical. In a very real sense this expert songwriter and musician keeps updating his expansive views. This new entry into his catalog is as warm, lyrically articulate and musically compelling as any Fenber has recorded.

Conceptually, in all of his songs, Bert Fenber stays true to his heart in material that conveys messages without knocking the listener over the head with them. He achieves that same delicate balance here.

If there’s one common thread in all of Fenber’s work, it’s that willingness to peer within himself and drag those thoughts and feelings to the surface. On “Bright Eyes”, it is no different. Fenber’s songs have always conveyed a strong will to press ahead, while doing so with eyes wide open.

As a singer-songwriter, Fenber confidently controls his output. Here he allows the musicians and background voices to gel with his expressive singing and lyrics, on a song that feels fresher, more alive and relevant than you’d expect from any performer his age or younger.

Promoted via the German agency, AgenturNMM – Newcomer-Music-Management, “Bright Eyes” is a stirring, even inspirational release about the passion of love. It is smartly attuned to that template, flush with joyous tones and unyielding urgency.

Whether rocking or reflective, the sound on “Bright Eyes” is perfectly served by both the music and the melody. Its breezy tune and feather-light groove practically leap from the speakers with the joy and promise of a love-filled atmosphere.

Bert Fenber shares a sincerity that brings everything into focus. The decisive thrust and soaring refrain of “I’ve got her bright eyes on mind” punctuating the affirmatory and uplifting attitude, intact all throughout the song. It a clear sign that if we hold onto love of any kind, things will always be better.

Bert Fenber is part of the AgenturNMM Newcomer Music Management agency.


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