Ballew – “Get Wild”

Kristina Ballew, simply know as Ballew is a perfectly independent self-taught EDM Producer and DJ. The Berklee College of Music student expresses her own originality and quality, making her single “Get Wild” sound like a breakthrough for the talented girl who came onto the scene in 2019. The single brings its own fresh energy that her fans will come to love. The track shows off an addicting realm of dubstep-meets-techno-meets house.

She did a great job of incorporating something new and exciting that blends well with the rest of her tracks too. Ballew keeps just the right amount of excitement in her compositions, to the point where listeners don’t get bored and also don’t get too overwhelmed with her innovative musical blending.

“Get Wild” stands out from almost every song Ballew has done. She has infused the track with a sound that really makes the track pop. Ballew is measured, calculated and deliberate in her productions.

Whereas most producers would be unable to resist the urge to let loose buckets of acid bass to wash over every bar of a track like “Get Wild”, she is able to manipulate the balance between intensive synth mayhem and restraint.

Here, Ballew abandons all the pretension of her peers, and gives listeners something far more approachable. But when she lets loose, she augments the soundscape with deliciously wicked synth and bass motifs. She doesn’t compromise, and it shows on this record – it would’ve been easy to make a formulaic electro-club record. But this is something that manages to feel simultaneously creative, fresh and familiar.

I like to go out. I like to get wild. I like to party, party” exclaims the lyrics. And that’s exactly what Ballew does with the music here. Always however maintaining a quota of restraint. In fact, as a whole “Get Wild” balances these two sounds perfectly and breaks up the production keeping you intrigued throughout the whole duration. Ballew smashes genre limitations by producing the track with honesty and orchestrated originality.

“Get Wild” lives up to its expectations and beyond, by showing off Ballew raw talent and passion for making music, and gives undeniable happiness to her audience.

It possesses an instantly recognizable sound, filled with twisting synths, bass-booming undertones, and percussion that smashes straight through your speakers. It is one of those listening experiences that will steal a piece of your soul and is bound to keep you soaring for quite some time.

Not only is Ballew’s music unique in ushering in its own blend of moderation and mayhem, but her personal enthusiasm behind the boards is the exclamation point in her work. Holding true to her creative crossover aesthetic, “Get Wild” represents the perfecting of Ballew’s craft. This track is full of music that will keep your ears, and your senses spellbound. It marks a very high point for Ballew.


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