Artdayn: “The Fall”

What immediately hits you upon a first listen to any of Artdayn’s songs are his more obvious influences. And, while you hear Prince, D’Angelo, and Miguel and in his uniquely soulful concoction of crooning, whining, rapping, howling, and the occasional rock riff, Artdayn is still his own artist. There is some real musicianship to be found throughout his catalog and more than a handful of catchy melodies. What aspects are consistent with Artdayn’s sound and those of his peers are a preference for mood and atmosphere over almost anything else, and a reliance on technology while possessing a voice that appears solid enough to stand tall on its own.

The shiny single, “The Fall” is very hooky, painted in dark silvers and black nightscapes, and, in its frequent experimentation with deconstructing traditional song structures. What rescues it from any meandering or the avant-garde obscurities of too many to name in the underground electro-soul and alternative rock crowd is that Artdayn’s melodies hold up and his choruses stick to you, even if you don’t want them to. A hybrid artist with a rock, soul, hip hop and R&B blend, it is Artdayn’s familiar vocal influences that provide a doorway for any generation to enter his edgy new sound.

Artdayn has very clear diction and is lyrically more discernible without liner notes than most of his peers. Like Prince, an electric guitar features prominently throughout this project, garnering orgasmic riffs. The exemplary guitar work, vocal consistency, strong melody lines, and unique blend of old and new collectively deliver a rock solid single from a young artist whose releases are all critically-acclaimed, though in completely different genres. As a music fan, there’s no better feeling than watching a talented artist finally get the recognition he deserves. Which no doubt is just a question of time for Artdayn aka ‘Singing Uber Driver’.

Why the ‘Singing Uber Driver’? Well, initially Artdayn’s claim to fame was being a driver for Uber; one who sang to his clients. Making their riding experiences an originally entertaining one. Artdayn whose real name is Daynel Artiles struggled with poverty in Cuba followed by his mother’s inability to work, due to mental illness, once moving to the United States. Artiles who credits his father with guiding him into the world of music as early as five years old, now collaborates with Producer Armando Doval at Electric Halo Recordings for the recording, mixing and mastering of his tracks.

“The Fall” is powered by a bass-heavy, banging production that is all the rage these days. Call it Alternative Pop if you want, but Artdayn proves he’s way ahead of the curve. While his peers emphasize style over substance, mumbling lazy lyrics over murky production, the ‘Singing Uber Driver’ pairs his soundscapes with infectious melodies and solid songwriting. Each track has meaning, and each one resonates. Artdayn has the vocal stylings of a classic R&B artist, the power of a soul singer, and that new edge which sits between alternative rock and modern hip hop. He’s an up-and-coming artist with something to offer to fans of many different genres.


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