Arekayic – ‘still holding onto you’

A gorgeous, irreplaceable atmosphere washes over anything Arekayic sets to music. Dependable is hardly the most exciting word to throw around to describe a creative artist, but there’s something about his music that always retain its brilliant key components. A quick run through his Spotify playlist will prove this beyond doubt. ‘still holding onto you’ is a swirling cocktail of warm, strummed acoustic guitars, and Arekayic’s ever-brilliant, echoing vocals, which is supported by an intoxicating drumbeat and shimmering keyboard interludes.

Riley Korbitz aka Arekayic, is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Arizona, who has been developing inside his musical bag of Alternative Indie, Pop music and sometimes Hip-hop.

It’s a gestation that’s been marked by often shifting between guitar and synth dominated soundscapes. Arekayic is always tinkering around the edges of his sonic universe, getting darker, subtler, and more expansive. His sweetly melodic croon acts as a balm for the ears.

For all of its surface simplicity, ‘still holding onto you’ is a breathtaking display of Arekayic understanding of himself as an artist. He subtly explores new facets of his sound without changing the atmospheric and ethereal elements that draw fans in.

At first, the guitars seem uplifting and warm, but Arekayic echoing lyrics bring us back down to earth. The song is the aural version of when it rains, while the sun is still attempting to shine.

Arekayic is an artist that creates depth of feeling effortlessly. He knows how to create a mood, which despite any surface level melancholic tones, can feel euphoric, introspective, and warm at the same time.

The combination of the vocals and the instruments is hard to beat. Listeners can put the track on, sit back and dissolve into the dreaminess of it all. It’s easy to appreciate and respect the artistry and creativity on display in ‘still holding onto you’.

The song highlights the inherent beauty that exists in Arekayic’s music. His vocals have always been magnificent and on ‘still holding onto you’, he truly becomes an even more beguiling singer.

As always he delivers a transcendent connection to emotions in an almost impressionistic manner. To fully get Arekayic it is necessary to fully submit yourself to the listening experience, going where he leads.

This is single is crafted into a sleek, meticulously polished indie pop tune, simply because Arekayic is too enthralled by the wonder of his craft to ever let his music become ordinary. The lyrical minimalism gives the music a timeless, inclusive quality, one of the keys to its immediate relatability.

The record surpasses seemingly unreachable levels with its hypnotic, incantational formula, and while ‘still holding onto you’ is an excellent release, it’s even more exciting to think of the possibilities for what could be next for Arekayic.


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