Riley Korbitz better known as AREKAYIC, is a singer-songwriter residing in Arizona who specializes in Indie and Alternative Hip-hop music. Though I personally wouldn’t put him into any one musical box. On his melodic track, “ADHD”, the artist creates a moody, impactful, sonic atmosphere that someone will find, ingest over the course of a couple of listens, and be left with deep messages embedded inside their mindset for a while. Intimate and wistful, the song is an emotionally stirring and sonically soothing experience.

Ambient and expansive, poignant and nuanced, “ADHD” blurs the lines between alternative and indie-pop as AREKAYIC immerses our senses in a beautifully lush world brimming with intoxicating sound and vulnerable, raw feeling.

“Woke up feeling fine. Throughout the day I become a little depressed inside. Fell asleep with you on my mind. Seems I can’t escape. My sub-consciousness tries to keep me awake. ADHD fixating on my mistakes,” exclaims AREKAYIC.

AREKAYIC challenges our notions of what it means to be a singer-songwriter in 2022, reworking its acoustic-guitar image to blend with electronic instruments and warm, immersive, smoldering melodies and harmonies.

From a words-evoke-emotion perspective, “ADHD” is the perfect title to capture the listener’s undivided attention. There’s just something so perplexing, afflicting, and yet fascinating about that unfortunate reality. In essence, the song highlights some of AREKAYIC’s catchiest, emotional, and nuanced melodic songwriting.

This record is sonically very harmonious. It really feels like AREKAYIC has matured his sound, in relation to his previous releases. The production is high-quality tech, which makes the overall sound even more interesting. Aurally, there is much to like – again, this single sounds great – and is well thought out.

AREKAYIC obviously has talent as a singer and a songwriter. Better still; the artist has once again, delivered a track that makes us feel something, with his delicate exploration of the darker parts of the human psyche.

If you have not yet come across AREKAYIC’s music, you are about to discover your next favorite artist. His songwriting creations only take the best elements of modern music. The result is a smooth and infectiously good sound that commits to melody and sticks with you.

Powerful in its execution and message, it manages to caress the ears and bring its sound up a notch. AREKAYIC’s compositions shimmer with sheer intensity, enforcing a sound which is infectious and somber, at times melancholic, but always highly accessible.

The lyrics in “ADHD” are spellbinding and poetic, complete and sincere. At points, they are razor sharp, and the storyline becomes vivid snapshots of affliction – “Found myself on a ledge and I don’t remember how I got here. Missing memories, recalling a blank, how can that be? Please help me.”

AREKAYIC has created a truly eloquent and lyrically charged single, and that is what seals the deal for him as an artist to watch. Moreover, singer-songwriter’s voice is perhaps the most alluring part of his already endearing music. Do not be surprised if you find yourself singing these lyrics for days and swooning over AREKAYIC’s vocal presence on “ADHD”.


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