Angelo Nicola Giuliano – “The Light Of Life”

Angelo Nicola Giuliano is that rare pianist and composer guided by raw emotion as much as by sensible intellect. He deploys his compassion and earnestness with nuanced enthusiasm on his new single, “The Light Of Life” – a gently flourishing musical piece celebrating the beauty of the sun and its importance for life on earth. A life that we aspire to live with dignity, inner peace and well-being for all creatures on earth. While the higher purpose behind the song is obviously beyond reproach, the surprise is just how much joy it is to listen to. A quick run through his back catalog tells us that Giuliano’s work has always brimmed with empathy. That has been the case whether he was writing sophisticated classically inclined piano motifs, or applying modern ambient contexts to his compositions.

“The Light Of Life”, which feature on Giuliano’s new EP, humbly, yet with tremendous fortitude, bears witness to his craft and emotive sensibilities. Performed on solo piano, the song is architecturally constructed and executed with grace. The song has the expansive palette of a fully realized composer, filtering a wide variety of moods and nuances through a single lens, which in this case is the piano. It also helps that Angelo Nicola Giuliano has such a lucid ear for gorgeous melody.

Musical pieces such as “The Light Of Life” reminds us that classically based music, and its well-worn tools, is far from redundant. Its familiar components remain indispensable to our experience of the world, especially in the hands of musicians and composers of the caliber of Angelo Nicola Giuliano. His playing and writing is never pretentious or overwhelming, as he seeks to find the beauty and meaning of his compositions within a minimalistic sonic framework.

As effortless and as stripped down as Giuliano’s music may be, it is still affecting, arresting even. He could continue to write the same song over, and over again, and still win the hearts and minds of the most weary lovers of this kind of instrumental piano-driven music. In his most iconic moments, Angelo Nicola Giuliano is an instantly satisfying composer, ably soundtracking our dreams, aspirations, emotions and memories.

When one listens to the song “The Light Of Life”, you cannot help but be taken aback the raw beauty and elegance of the piece. Angelo Nicola Giuliano seems to find a unique meeting ground between classical and new age ambience in his playing. The appeal of his music is universal. What is perceived to be simple at first, quickly becomes beautiful and wholly transcendent from the very genre that it is commonly associated with.

The listener will leave “The Light Of Life” with a feeling of understanding that grows and expands with subsequent listening. The song delivers an emotionally empathetic composition, expressing itself in Angelo Nicola Giuliano’s typical sentimental and deeply affecting fashion.

It aligns with the listener’s experiences, bringing out personal feelings and reactions, while Giuliano’s piano exudes delicacy and dynamism in its elegant articulations. Angelo Nicola Giuliano has a gift for creating a piece of work that is broad in scope, but also concise, unified and touching.


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