Amélie Paul & Mythical Number – “Another Day”

Amélie Paul & Mythical Number – “Another Day”

Sunday, 13 February 2022
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The EP “Another Day” is almost certainly this band’s greatest achievement. The delivery is majestic. You still get almost 30 minutes of music that feels like a jubilant catharsis. Memorably emotive the songs here move the sound of Amélie Paul & Mythical Number into higher leagues. The EP proves that as bombastic and as epically symphonic rock gets, ultimately, it’s all about the songs – and these songs are among the band’s best. This recording was presented to the public after the band had done more than 400 shows in less than 3 years in Asia – including a show for the US army at the Kunsan Air Base in South Korea. Fronted by two lead singers – Amélie and Paskal who is also a guitarist – Amélie Paul & Mythical Number forge a vocal blend of silk and steel which ride on top of their Goth, Alt-rock and Metal flourishes.

Amélie Paul & Mythical Number have an enviable live performance curriculum which includes extensive shows in Hong Kong and Indonesia, as well as being the first North American band to ever play in Vladivostok, Russia. All of this is certified by the band’s surefooted and convincing performances across “Another Day”. Amélie Paul is also a model, actress and TV host in Quebec, Canada. She released a few singles in French, as a solo artist, such as “Le monde”, reaching the #1 position on iTunes in Canada.

Right from the outset, from the title track “Another Day”, you know this is going to be one heck of a ride. A gentle symphonic intro leads to an explosive verse with hard chugging guitars, driving rhythms and soaring vocals – both male and female – for an euphoric listening experience. If there’s one thing to take away from this, it’s that Amélie Paul & Mythical Number sure know how to make an entrance.

The vocal theatrics are off the charts on “Listen To The Voice”, carrying with it a massive spectacle due to the stunning performances of Amélie and Paskal. The change of pacing and tone are masterful, transforming seamlessly from catchy melodic moments, to walls of epic sound. Elements of ethnicity, meet adrenalin-pumping alt-rock and chugging metal riffs harmoniously.

The band shows no signs of slowing down on “My Cube”, where booming moments of momentum pushing energy overrun the track. Its a jaw-dropping experience. The song crackles and bursts with raw ardor, thanks to the added dimension of the high-riding vocals and the monstrous sound of each instrument. The potency of this track is unstoppable, as the guitars cut through the foundation, pushed by the power of the drums. Amélie’s vocal is typically ravishing, as her tones scale the heights.

Amélie Paul & Mythical Number continuously strive for excellence in songwriting, and in that endeavor often craft catchy songs that lodge themselves in your brain in spite of their lush grandiosity. Woven through twisting and screaming guitar motifs, “What Should I”, plays testimony to that statement. Amélie’s gorgeous soaring voice and the crunchy overdriven shifts in musical tone offer the grandeur, while melodic hooks in the chorus deliver the instant accessibility.

The layered guitars dominate the intro of “Crawl” where the vocal interplay between Amélie and Paskal reach staggering heights. This is their performance apex on the EP. Much like the opening track, cinematic and orchestral elements beautifully wash over the inspired arrangement. It’s a great combination of symphonic eloquence and a raging rock edge. The final two tracks, are live acoustic versions of “Listen To The Voice” and “My Cube”, which add an extra sonic dimension to the recording.

One thing becomes perfectly clear on listening to “Another Day”. The musical, vocal and technical skills on display is strikingly brilliant. Amélie Paul & Mythical Number can be emotional, expansive, then powerful, melodic and a sheer tidal force all at once!



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