Alpha Circle – “Phoenix and Butterflies”

In the summer of 2017 four musicians, two Spaniards and two Englishmen, united through the international language of music and formed the band Alpha Circle. They had three objectives; one to make music that consisted of a thumping blend of slick rhythms and epic hooks; two, to bring pop rock live action energy to their groove, and three, to write lyrics that told stories of hope and overcoming life’s challenges. The band flew somewhat under my radar upon the releases of “Circles” and “Sweet Talking Time” in 2019, and then again with the release of “Groovin” in 2020. In 2021 Alpha Circle dropped the single, “Cold Again”. A charming, emotionally rich song, built around the combination of the resonating piano keys, the steady drums and the soulfully soaring vocals. The record clearly built significant creative momentum which has led to the band’s latest single, “Phoenix and Butterflies”. Putting Alpha Circle visibly on the radar.

“Phoenix and Butterflies” is an outstanding single, and possibly a career defining moment for Alpha Circle. This time it’s the guitar which plays an important part of laying down the jangling mid-to-upbeat foundation of the song. The band packs affectionate, lyrical writing into the song which is earnestly wholesome.

“This is the first single written about love in a relationship,” explains the band. “We put our own spin on it. We wanted to express that when you’ve been with someone for a long time you may not feel those initial butterflies, but that’s because they’ve turned into a more profound love.”

On “Phoenix and Butterflies”, Alpha Circle has significantly scaled up its production, expanded its instrumentation and bolstered its melodies. On top of a plucking production, the vocal layering and effects applied to the lyrics are harmonious and addictive.

The lead vocal moves awesomely above the highly interactive instrumental, as the record brings breezy alt-pop sensibilities to the forefront. However, it also stays true to Alpha Circle’s brand of crafting songs with important lyrical messages. The song is imbued with emotional tones, in a more swiftly moving, and shimmering sonic field.

Guitar heaven can be found in “Phoenix and Butterflies”, with warm jangling strums driving the momentum which is diligently held together by the excellent bass and drum work. In essence the song has a fresh and welcoming sound.

Moments of flair dispersed throughout tempt listeners with their versatility – the concise and pristine lead guitar motif, the harmonious choruses, and the tempo changes, among them. Though the band’s potential was evident prior to this release, it’s here that they make their confirming statement.

“Phoenix and Butterflies” solidifies the band’s sound and gives them an even stronger sense of pop sensibility, weaved together with indie and alt vibes. The result is an atmosphere which is simply fantastic – a sense of optimism combined with crushing reality.

Perhaps one of the best things about Alpha Circle’s music is that they know how to impressively entertain, while making heartfelt tracks. All of which makes for an interesting song with plenty of little details to notice upon every listen that make its charm more and more alluring.

Alpha Circle’s vision is crystal clear, as is their music, standing out brightly amongst the rest of their contemporaries. “Phoenix and Butterflies” proves their potential is very real, and may also pave the way for a long and successful career ahead.


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