Alisa Chirco – “Give Me More”

Alisa Chirco has been on an upwards trajectory since finding her feet with her single “Box” in 2017. Moving away from the ethereal balladry of that track, Alisa now embraces her rock side and explores both her sound and her vocal ability. 2018’s “Give Me More” is her boldest record to date, as she appears to have found groove.  The song takes inspiration from the strongest moments on her previous work and continues to evolve Alisa’s sound in the right way. The powerful pop-rock track showcases Alisa Chirco prowess as a vocalist with an almost anthem-like chorus that catches you off guard.

It displays a different side to Alisa’s vocal abilities allowing her to use both her lower register and vibrato, as well giving her the freedom to belt out the choruses. She performs some impressive runs and soars into her higher register with some goose-pimple inducing lines.

“Give Me More” is the sound of an artist that is comfortable and confident with her music, and her abilities, and it’s a superb pop-rock record. Her big, bombastic vocals paired with a dramatic instrumental are what define Alisa here. The anthemic presence on this record seems to be exactly what her vocals are built for.

Alisa uses her vocal prowess to support her sentimental narrative on “Give Me More”, but she certainly knows how to have fun and craft an irresistible hook as well. The fierce mid-tempo track continues to emphasis Alisa Chirco’s willingness to dip her feet into uncharted territories, fearless of where the end result may take her.

What is clear though, is that whether on a powerhouse ballad or exciting pop-rock radio-friendly jam like this one, the artist’s impressive, motivating vocals remain at the forefront, and currently very able to match her peers.

Experiencing Alisa’s ever-improving vocal abilities paired with stirring content and an infectious rock-leaning backing beat is exciting and unexpected, considering her previous single. The track becomes a thumping showcase for a different direction and vibe for the artist. The chant-worthy delivery from Alisa as she shares messages of desire. “I’m addicted to temptation,” she sings, standing strong and remaining assertive over a slick, radio-friendly beat.

The subtly provocative lyrics are not surprising for an artist who seems to have let loose, and come into her own. Alisa is able to express herself exactly how she wants on “Give Me More”. It shows the artist gaining confidence, as she comes to realize she needs to say out loud exactly what she feels.

From a woman’s point of view, the song is both empowering and self-assertive. Aside from the engaging and thrilling supporting production, all ears are on the vocal performance, where Alisa gets to let go of the reigns, in every sense possible.

While the songwriting paints a vivid narrative of a ravenous and passionate relationship, it’s Alisa Chirco’s strong vocal performance that shines the brightest. A very thrilling quality to experience.


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