Alex Jo – “Never Give Up”

Upcoming Pinky Music London artist, Alex Jo exists at the intersection of R&B, the storied legacy of soul, and a sprinkle of Pop hope that prevents the music from being too monothematic and stale. Her debut single, “Never Give Up” marks her arrival as one of the premiere potential stars of her generation. The track is an uplifting and listen, where the 17-year-old singer-songwriter absolutely smashes the thought of newcomer inexperience. Alex Jo began singing at the age of six and has been developing her love for the music scene and honing her talents ever since. By the age of eight, she already appeared in renowned singing contests like Next Star and the Voice of Romania, blowing the judges away with her natural vocal talent. Moreover, Alex Jo has intensively studied both the flute and the piano, while also taking singing lessons at the Octav Bancila National College of Art, expanding her vocal range and musical knowledge.

The single “Never Give Up” flourishes with downright ravishing moments that are a pivotal transmission from Alex Jo, one that is heavy on aesthetic sultriness and lyrical realness, dipping with points of lyrical inspiration.

Her earthy yet saccharine voice delivers a sublime, uplifting record that runs through a gamut of goodness, which is nourishment for these dark and troublesome days.

Alex Jo blends contemporary soul, funk and R&B, straddling contemplation, endurance, struggle and winning, into a captivating formula.

Her words effortlessly float above the shimmering and jangling production. Her voice is like a comforting balm. Alex Jo’s vocals are just as acrobatically capable as that of her R&B peers, yet even through her smooth runs there is a real directness in her delivery of these lyrics.

It becomes both a foundation for the track’s narrative and a gauge of the maturity of her singing talent. Alex Jo’s vocal layering also adds a delicious harmonic backbone to the project. It provides an addictive slice of ear candy to the record.

Exploring classic sonic avenues, a rich and rhythmic instrumental palette, and her unmistakably transparent lyrics, Alex Jo has created a phenomenal debut single that is top-tier. It sounds like a star-making moment, playing to all her strengths.

The songstress definitely nods to the more traditional R&B, but it’s super of-this-moment in terms of the aesthetic. I think what makes Alex Jo so special is that there are through-lines to pop in “Never Give Up”, which ignites everyone’s sensibilities.

Alex Jo is one of the more dynamic artists in R&B/Pop today, with a syrupy voice that perks an ear and hypnotizes listeners, as well as an honesty in her words that packs authenticity into her music. It’s that artistic openness, that makes her music so much more magnetic.

The track’s sharp rim-shots and sticky hi-hats, contrast the bass and smooth keys, while the back and forth punchy kicks and jangling guitars create an array of sounds that mix amazingly with the harmonies and vocal inflections. The groove is nostalgic, yet of the moment, adding layers of lush sound into the beat.

Alex Jo is one of a handful of upcoming artists who stands out for their raw talents. It helps that she is an actual, genuine singer, one who conquers the track, instead of being overwhelmed by it. I can’t wait to see what direction she takes when she sets out to make another focused release.


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