Alan Osborne: “You Are My Home” and “Today”

While rightly tipped as one of the new music acts to keep a beady eye on this year, there’s no sign of an overnight sensation tag hanging around Alan Osborne’s neck. This alternative rock, singer and songwriter from upstate NY USA, has been around the block with several bands, and is now busy progressing in his solo career. Alan has recently dropped two singles, one of which is “You Are My Home” – a song he wrote for his wife. His level of commercial success looks set to launch with this ballad, because the single is stuffed to the gills with the kind of authentic, sentimental and melodic music that gets heart muscles flexing and pulses rising. Hearts will flex because of the heartfelt lyrics and Alan’s honest to goodness vocal delivery, while pulses will rise due to his soul-stirring guitar work.

In truth, Alan Osborne is miles from the stereotypical old school growler many may mistake him for. Alan is a deep-thinking rocker, with a melodic voice, a carry-on bag full of big-hearted ballads and edgy, overdriven footstompers. And he always has a story to tell, or a message to convey.

Whether it’s through his confessional lyrics, which wrestle with hope and love, or the distressed and emotional songs of almost anger, as in “Today”, there’s an entrusting core that must be, for him, liberating, and is, for the listener, heartwarming.

Alan Osborne is an artist who thrives off of passion and raw emotion as opposed to being particularly complex or bombastic. And this trait comes shining through on “You Are My Home” –which benefits from more poetic, metaphorically driven songwriting, while speaking about the love for his wife. The balance of this particular song is impressive because Alan manages to “have his cake and eat it too” by diving deeper yet maintaining a connection.

The song is rounded off with the compelling stretch of acoustic guitar and strings, finding Alan continuing to pour out his soul with incredible authenticity. His vocal poise is contrasted by crunchy, hard driving guitar on the heartfelt chorus sections.

Ultimately, Alan Osborne checks off most of the boxes on “You Are My Home”. He has an alluring voice, he has unquestionable passion, sensational guitar skills, and his talent shines through, which doesn’t always happen for every artist. “You Are My Home” presents a cohesive musical journey – through evocative singing and finely-tuned orchestration – from an artist who throws his body and mind fully into every song.


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