Adam Brown – “Home”

Adam Brown is an EDM House and Trance producer from the Netherlands. He is fresh on the scene, having seriously kicked off his musical career at the beginning of 2018. If you’re already of the belief that EDM is all vacuous party music with nothing to offer, then Adam’s track “Home” may be the record to change your mind. It’s true that it does contain a lot of dance tropes rolled into one – bass drops, trance-y breakdowns and insistent kicks among others. But there’s a personality, a charm about this single that can’t be denied. I think Adam Brown’s aim here was to write a good, original dance record, with a mainstream pop slant and it’s safe to say he smashed it out of the park.

This track is perfect for setting for understanding Adam Brown, the producer. It includes all of the ingredients that define his sound: heavy drums, ambient build ups, dream-like soulful vocals, lusciously layered synths, and the overall feeling of floating in some sort of digital oasis. Of course there’s no surprise there due to how upbeat and uplifting this song is.

Adam does a great job with the arrangement of synths in this song, while female vocals are catchy and melodic. The way this song is produced gives it an ethereal yet inspiritive kind of vibe to it. The build up to the drop really kicks off the song and gives me the sensation of jamming out at a really awesome music festival. I also like that Adam decided to feature this great singer on the track as the vocal lead.

“Home” attempts to change the state of EDM by infusing it with honest and substantial emotion that challenges conceptions of rhythmic dance-floor noise vs. melodic beauty in regards to electronic dance music. Adam Brown invites his listeners into an immersive emotional-building experience.

Adam goes above and beyond the call of duty to create not just a dance track but a full-on listening experience. He, together with the superb vocals, masters the conjuring up of a strong feeling and mood on this enchanting track.

Adam’s lush production glitches out with progressive house and trance flavors seeping in at different spots. Instead of relying only on words, Adam produces instrumentation that convey what he needs to say.

His single, “Home” orbits a space of electronic music where feeling and experiences trump everything else. He boldly goes where few other EDM producers go. Very little of this track feels forced or present for its own sake; there seems to be meaning behind every beat, drop and melody.

The off-setting of action-packed drops with melodic sections that could easily crossover into mainstream pop is nothing new to EDM, but here it almost feels like Adam built everything around the melody and feeling, rather than the other way around.

I highly encourage everyone to listen to “Home”, especially if you’re into the electronica genre. I would love to see Adam Brown live someday and look forward to what he has in store for us.


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