Ace Diamond – “Get Your Woogie Boogie Workin'”, “TENNESSEE HILLBILLY MAN (Boom Chicka Song)” and “BAD-ASS HILLBILLY BAND

Ace Diamond is a singer-songwriter from Maine. He has been performing his rockabilly, country and rock n’ roll music for over three decades, and has made the Top40 charts over twenty times. His latest single, “Get Your Woogie Boogie Workin’”, has already entered the charts and started making waves in the industry. Hold onto you bolo ties, as Ace takes you on a rockabilly joy ride with great rootsy, energetic tune that captures the true heart of rock n’ roll. From the full-tilt tempo of the beat, to the raw, in your face crooning, Ace Diamond keeps the listener’s attention. While I haven’t personally listened to rockabilly for some time, the detours to country, folk, and blues were entertaining, but the return to loud and fast rock n’ roll, is fun and very satisfying. The music, lyrics, and performance is that of artist, and a backing band, at the top of their game.

This track rocks in an old school way and it’s a real treat for the ears, while the band’s chops sound as fresh as ever. “Get Your Woogie Boogie Workin’” is a beefy, raucous rumble of a record, boasting slick, rockabilly maneuvers and sweat-drenched instrumentation.

Ace Diamond drifts into your sub-consciousness and haunts your every thought throughout the record. The sharp stabbing guitar and throbbing, thumping bass sound is at once abnormal and completely familiar; as though the soundtrack to your nostalgic hallucinations has been presented openly for your eyes and ears to absorb by this mysterious third party.

It is the varied set of rock n’ roll influences and natural musical enthusiasm that ignites the engine behind the band and constantly pushes Ace Diamond onward. Ace boasts a litany of heated rockabilly records, and this is just the last in line. The tune sees Ace at his most playful with lyrics, and backed by the Bad-Ass Hillbilly Band plucking fun in an uproar.

Interplay between the instruments showcase the bands’ talents and enjoyment. Stellar stuff here. Head down, volume up, mouth shut. “Get Your Woogie Boogie Workin’” is ripe with punch and big hooks. This track’s splendor is the play between Ace Diamond and the gritty, dirty romp of the beat.

Ace Diamond dominates as he proves he should lauded by legends, respected by peers, adored by fans for keeping rockabilly and its derivatives alive and kicking, in a musically hostile era. It can be tough to be an artist working in a specific, well-defined genre, like rockabilly.

At a certain point, there’s no place left to take your songwriting. But Ace keeps pumping them tunes out, as he showed with his 12 track album, “Rockabilly Man”. Ace Diamond has been on fire for a long time and is showing absolutely no signs of stopping. To keep that fire stoked and burning, the Ace delivers “Get Your Woogie Boogie Workin’”.

Ace Diamond is an artist who has survived musical trends and the belly-flop of the music industry, defied the odds, and continued to record and deliver infectiously fun music for over three decades now. There’s something to be said for a musician who can weather a storm with finesse, never varying his course and staying true to his original intentions.


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