AB Productions Presents Mike Lusk – ‘Will We’

The single ‘Will We’ feels like the perfect re-introduction to Mike Lusk – an artist who has produced some of the finest and most well put together modern Country music over the last few years. It also sounds like the perfect vehicle for AB Productions to present what he does best – writing stories within lyrics. Over the last 20 years AB Productions has been able to follow his dream and collaborate in genres ranging from Gospel to Country, receiving airplay locally, nationally and internationally. Together with the tremendous crooning and performance power of Mike Lusk, the two make a formidable songwriting team.

Mike Lusk

There is a sense of soul-searching honesty present throughout ‘Will We’, as AB Productions’ lyrics explores the experiences of a relationship which has reached the crossroads of its entangled existence, and is in desperate need of declaration by the affected hearts and minds.  

“Will we do what’s wrong, or stick with what’s right? Will we move forward or simply fade into the night? Will we make things better, not throwing in the towel? Will we stay together and find a way somehow?” inquires the chorus.

Mike Lusk’s voice soars with heart-searching emotion. This collaboration has a real sense of Southern Charm, and the soulful power of the vocal is a welcome addition to AB Productions’ narrative that drips with deep sentiment. By the time the song hits the very first chorus, it already becomes clear that ‘Will We’ is simply a well written, well produced, and well performed song that is without question identifiable as heartfelt country music.

AB Productions has achieved new heights, with Mike Lusk’s towering performance and the song’s powerhouse production sound, elevating his ever-developing lyricism to a whole new level. It’s so refreshing to witness an artist and lyricist going about business so organically, and you can feel the rawness, and the heart and soul, of both of them, throughout ‘Will We’.

The overall depth of ‘Will We’, both sonically and lyrically, is one of the best of Mike Lusk’s mightily impressive career to date, and it feels like he’s really embedded into a sound that suits him to a tee.

The single cover

‘Will We’ starts of moodily and then builds and builds to a gigantic chorus that just cries out for a crowd of people singing their hearts out. It presents a typically superb moment of unapologetic, emotional thunder from one of the best outliers in country music.

‘Will We’ is a simply storming track, with a chorus that explodes into life. There’s such soul and immense passion to the whole recording, from the gradual growth of the melody to Mike Lusk’s ardent delivery. A sublime piece of work here that showcases Lusk and AB Productions, at their absolute thriving best. The song is full of that honest, down-home approach that the genre’s legion of followers will undoubtedly connect with.

I’m running out of adjectives here so I’ll conclude. We’re lucky to have such a consistent, authentic artist as Mike Lusk operating at such a high level in in the independent music scene, and ‘Will We’ is a track that deserves so much attention outside of our realms.

If you’re a big fan of Lusk’s previous stuff, you won’t be disappointed. He’s cranked it up another notch alongside AB Productions’ lyric sheet, and this badass collaboration should keep your playlist rolling through the summer.


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