KILJIN – “Sign of the Witch” from the album “Vampire Hunter”
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When KILJIN invite you to go on a musical journey with them, you best take heed. Given the place the Michigan behemoth came from, a primeval, subterranean metal underworld, the prospect of plummeting into the depths of their twisted and explosive hard rock universe is enough to bring on a dose of the bends. Since their emergence, KILJIN have shown that brain-twisting heaviness doesn’t have to be dull-edged, and that it can even be a thing of exciting delight. In...

Wednesday, 02 June 2021
KILJIN – “Impaler” from the album “Master Of Illusion”
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KILJIN is a 4 piece Metal band out of Michigan. They have just released their 11 track debut album, “Master Of Illusion” which is now available on all major digital stores. One of the most remarkable things about this debut studio album is that the band manage to get practically everything right here. Shifting focus back to the roots of metal, KILJIN ramps up the intensity and volume in every way. Trevor Aumaugher on lead vocals explodes with a level...

Saturday, 08 August 2020