dezabel – “With You”
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On his latest single, “With You”, which drops officially on the 1st of July, Zurich based musician and producer, dezabel has delivered a complex, deeply satisfying track, which offers a sophisticated new blueprint for crossover pop and dance music It is a million miles better than most of the commercial sounds extrapolated from the genre-blend, by so-called ‘superstar’ producers. Forging a luscious, dynamic depth of sound, augmented with snatches of throbbing basslines, shimmering clean guitars and warm keys, dezabel creates...

Sunday, 26 June 2022
dezabel -“Tattooed”
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Music is one of the few human-specific experiences that combine cognitive understanding, emotional reflection and pleasure in hearing. When it comes to loss, musicians have a way of expressing their afflictions like no one else. Across generations and genres, many artists poured their hearts into songs about the loss of someone extremely dear them. Recently the Swiss songwriter and producer, dezabel, released the song “Tattooed”, in loving memory of his dad who passed away in 2017, and his mother, whom...

Thursday, 14 May 2020