Dead Harvest

Dead Harvest – “Wasted Love” and “Leave It Alone”
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“Wasted Love”, an EP so full of intensity and emotion that every indication of what it offers — the melodramatic title, the suggestive song names — barely scratches the surface of what lays within. Clocking in at just four songs, and yet it feels like the most complete, the most focused in moving the listener from one intense emotional place to another and back again. The EP exposes the band and the listener simultaneously, and in the process, Dead Harvest...

Tuesday, 26 December 2017
Dead Harvest – “Wasted Love” and “How Do You Know”
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With their own extraordinary blend of raw & real emotion and an authentic approach to indie/alt-rock, the transcontinental project based out of Chicago, known as Dead Harvest, has created a stunning set of four highly-memorable cuts that run deep over the course of their gripping debut EP, Wasted Love. The shifting dynamics of Dead Harvest’s new EP sends listeners on a sonic journey that takes the signature indie sound of the band into genuinely inspired new territory.  Incorporating key elements of...

Monday, 11 December 2017