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Agito Maruyama – “Universal Kindness” ft. Erin Ezekiel
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The latest single by Agito Maruyama aka ItachiMode, entitled “Universal Kindness” ft. Erin Ezekiel, combines elements of dubstep, hyperpop, techno, R&B and house to create a unique brand of creative electronic music. The song bursts at the seams with intense bass textures, squealing synth effects, twinkling keys and skittering percussion. On top, sits a mellifluous and dynamic female vocal with resonant tones, backed by rich harmonies. The production blooms with sonic vibrancy, as Maruyama shows off his adept ability to push...

Sunday, 18 September 2022
Agito Maruyama – ‘In My Dreams’ ft. Coco Valentine
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Agito Maruyama aka ItachiMode is a musician, composer and producer living in Japan. Originally starting out as a guitarist, Agito has played in various bands, pursuing his passion for a wide range of music, including Rock, Jazz Fusion, Techno, and Noise. In his solo career, Agito has concentrated his talents on composing, arranging and producing. In 2014 he started creating for many other artists and also developed an interest in field recording. In 2019 he dropped his EP, “Melancholy for...

Thursday, 21 October 2021