Roman Avan – “Moonlight” and “Vibrations”

Roman Avan (Roman Avanesyan) is an artist based in Los Angeles, California who has been producing music for the past 4 years. Roman transformed his musical background in piano and cello to a deep passion for electronic music – especially the Techno and TechHouse genres. A professional consultant in the IT industry by day, Roman turns his musical inspiration, taken from artists such as Boris Brejcha, Acid Pauli, Carl Cox, and Charlotte de Witte into euphoric electronic transcendence by night. Roman Avan’s releases often stretch skillfully beyond four-to-the-floor techno.

He is capable of integrating expansive cinematic interludes and exotic ambient into highly strung club beats. He proves this much on “Moonlight” – a sixteen minute epic that starts softly sans percussion, only to build towards a hypnotic beat that will keep you glued to the dancefloor.

The stealthy acid groove driving “Moonlight” includes shards-of-crystal sound and sinister arpeggiation. But there is a lot more that will satisfy techno fans in Roman Avan’s catalog. As an evangelist for techno’s artistic potential, Roman seeks audiences on, and beyond, the dance floor.

“My name Is Techno”, is another fantastic banging track, which contains some fantastic drum and bass programming, and some lovely experimental synth motifs that morph and expand over time. Some more twisting sounds enter in and out, carrying the track forward without it becoming boring, or repetitive, which is vital, considering the track lasts for nine and a half minutes.

“Unspoken Words” is track is mostly chord based, which as always is ridiculously beautiful and give off this eerie but lovely atmosphere. The track develops slowly with incredible sonic additions coming into the mix as tune progress through its runtime. The musical fluctuations are constant as Roman pushes diverse timbres and tones over the insistent rhythm.

The name Roman Avan may not yet be familiar to a great many music enthusiasts, perhaps not even to those who prioritize electronic music above all other genres. Operating largely under the radar, but with an impressive amount great tunes under his belt, he shows across these tracks, to be an extremely capable craftsman.

From the pumping rhythm of “Vibrations”, to the futuristic groove of “Interstellar”, Roman Avan’s intricate yet never overproduced style defies expectation at every opportunity, transitioning from delicate basslines and glitch effects to huge beats and unpredictable drops in a heartbeat, giving his music the ability to be anything he wants it to be.

“Not Your Type”, consistently maintains an intense focus and excitability, without ever sacrificing a single aspect of the cutting-edge techno sound Roman engineers to perfection. The bass is deep and aggressive, used both to emphasize the rhythmic patterning of the track as well as create a whole extra musical dimension.

The implementation of effects into Roman Avan’s music is frequent and the variety eclectic to say the least. It all makes for a wonderful marriage of sound and melody, punctuated by ground-shaking urgent bass, and innovative melodic pockets throughout.

and pitches are adjusted throughout Roman Avan’s musical arrangements, and entirely new motifs are created and depth added to the existing grooves. It is quite remarkable how all of these individual elements feed into each other to create such a well-constructed yet cohesive whole.

Roman Avan’s tracks are distinct in sound and never overpowering, but filled with energy. Always retaining a wide-eyed lucidity, he produces variants of techno that is always intelligent and intensely satisfying.


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