Olya K – “Waking up in Nashville [Eggs and Bacon]”

Olya K is a talented artist, singer, and songwriter originally from Bulgaria who has settled in California in the USA, where she is focused on her career as a recording artist. After the release of her dance hit “Hollywood”, which extended her fan reach and impact on the industry, Olya K has surprised everyone with her latest release “Waking up in Nashville [Eggs and Bacon]”. The track is a Southern Rock version of a song she wrote while living in downtown Nashville few years back.

Olya K revisited Nashville to record a new version of her song, and in the recording studio she collaborated with seasoned producer and multi-instrumentalist Chip Martin to take her song to the next level. “Waking up in Nashville [Eggs and Bacon]” jumps out of the speakers and absolutely knocks it out of the park. Upbeat and energetic, the track is wholesome, enjoyable, and driven.

Olya K’s voice is fantastic, exhibiting great control and confidence across her entire register; great highs and lows, while never overdoing it. Stuck somewhere between a country twang and a rock n’ roll rhythm, “Waking up in Nashville [Eggs and Bacon]” is one of those rare songs that ultimately transcends genres. Olya K is soothing to the soul, and a little sassy when she wants to be, her writing is incredibly honest and intelligent, and emotionally she resonates.

Chip Martin employs traditional instruments, largely avoiding the expected stereotypical, synthetic sounds from today’s mainstream sources. He creates rollicking, highly nuanced and vibrant layers of sound – when you listen – listen closely; the sound textures are brilliantly authentic.

Chip Martin is here to provide musical, recording and production talent that helps make “Waking up in Nashville [Eggs and Bacon]” stand out from the tired and well-worn norms of current music standards. A job he pulls off perfectly.

A great songwriter, an honest soul, and a beautiful voice, Olya K is a treat, a rare find in today’s jumble of so much sound-alike junk.  Moreover, she has so few peers because almost no else is making this type of pure and heartfelt organic music that is so well performed. It’s a far cry from the usual Nashville pop-country machine. “Waking up in Nashville [Eggs and Bacon]” grows on you and you’ll find myself playing it more and more.

Like with so many great artists, it’s not just the words that Olya K sings that make her songs work; it’s how she sings them. Her music communicates a real empathy, something which makes her an appealing figure. Through her music, she comes across as someone who you already know.

“Waking up in Nashville [Eggs and Bacon]” celebrates the execution of her vision and versatility. Her latest release is the steady and self-assured product of an audacious artist whose body of work speaks for itself.


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