Lyndon Rivers – “It’s A Game”

Coherence has never been the guiding principle for this Australian based genre-gallivanting producer Lyndon Rivers. He take pop, house, techno, and other EDM styles and subjects them to rampant globalization. Rivers unloads the bass all over your face in his latest single “It’s A Game”. He goes into his bag of tricks and creates an enlightening, enchanting soundscape which features a soaring melodic female vocal. Probably one of the best vocal features Rivers has offered us yet. She sounds sultry and sexy, as she dishes out orgasmic ear candy. In fact it is strongly recommended that you hug and hold onto your speakers while listening to this track. Shit gets real on this track as the adrenaline bass drops will make your gut grow wings and fly.

Lyndon Rivers brings the bass power, energy, and hooks on this track from beginning to end. For the bass heads that have been going through withdrawal, this captivating composition can put you in a good mood on any day where you feel your music soul needs to be touched by something greater and deeper.

This deeply resonating cut is a must listen to, whether you want to maximize your music event experience or whether you’re just a lover of hearing the bass bump, where you lose yourself in your own imagination.

Lyndon Rivers brings an above-average effort on this track, through booming basslines fused with expanding synths, and shows us his impressive talent for mixing sounds and textures. Listen to this track over and over again during an all-night session with your friends until the coming of a new dawn.

You won’t get tired of this stimulating and pristine track. What Lyndon delivers is a journey through differing sonic landscapes, from high-octane to introspective, each section of this track is enchanting in its own way. We believe it to be a thing of creative brilliance.

The swell of the opening is nothing short of cinematic. At the same time it displays a melodic elegance. The ensuing bass drop churns with slow, deliberate growl; it quickly reminds us who we are dealing with. This song is a beautiful interplay of synths, throbbing basslines and powerful vocals.

Although wistful and affected, the beat stays buoyant, choppy and full of that nasty bass edge we love so much. Yes I know, I have mentioned the word “bass” numerous times, but that really is what this song is dominated by. That and the vocals of course. This beautiful, bumping and atmospheric brand of Lyndon Rivers is perfectly augmented by the singer’s soaring, angelic voice.

Chilling and visceral from the moment it starts, “It’s A Game” is another breath of fresh air, and another step up for Lyndon Rivers. The deep, driving bass line propels you forward through waves of spacey sound.

Songs like this showcase the creativity and intuition Lyndon has developed over time. This song is catchy, all-encompassing, but never overwhelming. Lyndon Rivers has managed to once again magically manipulate abrasive sounds into something beautiful and dynamic!


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