Kev Gray and The Gravy Train – “Time To Live Again”

The super talented collective Kev Gray and The Gravy Train have released a new track that is nothing short of brilliant. This record draws on various influences from the band’s collaboration across the world, translating their experience into a tune worth remembering. Written on a beach in Thailand during lockdown, “Time To Live Again” is the distinct sound of funk grooves and melodic pop elements that interlace perfectly with rock progressions. Recorded during the pandemic over the internet in 6 countries. The track is a post-pandemic feel good anthem to get people living and loving again.

John “JR” Robinson

“Time To Live Again” features a world-wide team of top notch musicians from in America, Brazil, UK, Thailand, Italy, and Germany. Top of the list is the Grammy award-winning drummer, John “JR” Robinson who is especially known for his work with producer Quincy Jones, including Michael Jackson’s multi-platinum “Off the Wall” album and the charity single “We Are the World”.

Robinson has played with more than 50 Grammy winners, including Lionel Richie, Lady Gaga, Daft Punk, Madonna, Seal, Rod Stewart, Whitney Housing, Stevie Winwood, Chaka Khan, and many more. The project also features the German funk bass guru Oliver “JABBA” Frerichmann, and the Italian funk guitar player Giacomo Pasquali.  On vocals we have the sublime voice of project leader Kev Gray.

Kev Gray has been recording a series of collaborative songs, with artists from over 30 countries, which will eventually lead up to an album set for release sometime during 2021.

Oliver “JABBA” Frerichmann

“Time To Live Again” recorded and arranged online by Thomas Hilse, is the perfect introduction to this global musical project, an uplifting rhythmic taster of what to expect next. All the elements fitting together neatly for an easy listen.

The design of this track is such that the listener is able to visualize the band’s instrumentation very clearly and soak in the experience completely, while grooving to the rhythm. Few bands possess the dexterity to compose an organic song of this caliber and make it sound effortless. At the end of the track, one cannot help but admire the spontaneity of this jam which sounds like it was recorded in the same room.

The brilliance of this track is in the groove – a funky rhythm section forcing the listener to pay attention to its musicality, and allowing Kev Gray to effortlessly run his vocals over the top.

Thomas Hilse

A potpourri of funk, pop and rock instrumentation, the components of Kev Gray and The Gravy Train showcase their skills, without having to force their hands. Further reflecting the integration of their artistic aesthetics.

On “Time To Live Again”, Kev Gray and The Gravy Train take their musical virtuosity and smelt it into a track that’s groovier than the 60’s, funkier than the 70’s and as melodic as the 80’s. The swaggering guitar lines and drums, steadily introducing instruments and adding new vocal flourishes.

This kind of dynamic and organic instrumentation is breathtakingly satisfying, and sadly missing in too much contemporary music. And shows how musically mature Kev Gray and The Gravy Train really are.









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