Kaytlyn Cate – “You’re Making My Heart Feel Like”

Kaytlyn Cate – “You’re Making My Heart Feel Like”

Saturday, 17 November 2018
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Whenever I listen to music, honesty is always something that instantly makes it a lot more relatable and powerful. There’s a huge difference between artists who just sing words because that’s what they’re reading on the lyric sheet, and artists who sing it from the heart because that’s what they’re experiencing in life. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that better songwriting comes from those artists who are earnest about themselves. A part of that latter group is formed by Kaytlyn Cate, a singer-songwriter who hails from the Cascade Mountain range of the Pacific Northwest.

Currently hard at work on her forthcoming EP, “The Blue Hour”, with producer David Samuel, Kaytlyn is also busy in the West Coast club scene and booking shows for the 2019 season, as she has a hot new single on her hands called “You’re Making My Heart Feel Like”.

“You’re Making My Heart Feel Like” is Kaytlyn Cate at her most suggestive, and when she declares, “Falling for you baby, feels like falling down from heaven. Taking me to places that I’ve never been ever been. Oh but you’re making my heart feel like…” it’s not that hard to figure out what she wants to say. Or is it?

The plot thickens with the following lines: “And I can see you don’t love the way you feel when I’m around you. You’re amplifying my whole life, can’t picture it without you. I’m in love.” Is this unrequited love? It’s the seed of an indelible question mark in an otherwise inebriating and passionate love song.

There is an infectious, sweltering steaminess about the track that brings the lyrics to life and seems to encompass the listener as Kaytlyn vocally sways from sultry reverberating sounds to her clean upper register. The electronic beat in this song drives it forward and maintains the atmosphere while swirling in the slow and emotionally contaminating keyboard undertone.

There is a feeling of being deeply in love but also a slight sense of inner disorientation running through the narrative. The moody melody is infectious and helps elevate the overall arrangement to the next level.

While its construction seems apparently simple on the surface, the amount of detail in “You’re Making My Heart Feel Like” is sublime and Kaytlyn Cate’s sense of artistry shines through gloriously.

The way David Samuel’s production decidedly builds around Kaytlyn’s performance on this track however makes it one captivating listen, from start to finish.

Taking in meditative R&B-leaning sounds, Kaytlyn Cate deals out a lesson in how to do pop on your own terms, and the indie landscape is certainly all the better for it.

The downright honesty and rawness of the song coupled with Kaytlyn Cate’s star-studded vocals, the excellent production and polished songwriting, all add up to a record that plays out its strengths extremely well.

If “You’re Making My Heart Feel Like” is any indication, Kaytlyn Cate is a bright young star with plenty of potential to rise above the rest of her urban pop contemporaries.


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