Jakob Möller – “Illas”

New to the scene, Jakob Möller, is an upcoming Producer from Germany who relishes in EDM and related electronic genres, creating synth-heavy and piano-inspired music driven by his emotions and feelings. With a will to experiment Jakob never shies away from opportunities to work with fellow musicians and sharing his approach to electronic music with the world. Jakob Möller is an aficionado of soundscape storytelling. He creates a sonic atmosphere that engulfs the listener.

His single “Illas” appears even more accessible than his previous releases, because he focuses on melody as much as he does on texture and tone. If music is a reflection of life, the song depicts life’s highs, lows, loud and quiet moments, as well as the beautiful ones. The music manages to be both intimate and universal.

Jakob’s music has covered many territories and sought new boundaries, as he moves between Ambient, Lo-Fi, House, Trap, Electro and other electronic flavors. The evolution of his projects is a joy to observe. Each recording sounds both distinct and distinctly Jakob Möller; there’s a clear progression in his craft, becoming more sophisticated and polished, as his fan-base grows across the internet where he spends much of his time.

“Illas” is another rich body of work with plenty to get excited about. The signature soundscape is comprised of rich, luscious pianos and synths, as well as a driving percussive rhythm. But its Jakob’s ability to immerse the listener in a gorgeous electronic escapism which is better than ever here.

“Illas” could easily be the theme song to a movie soundtrack, with its uplifting and euphoric builds. The possibilities and ease of use of modern DAWs have opened up the process of electronic music making to the masses; anyone with a free Soundcloud profile and an Ableton tutorial video can turn out radio-ready tunes. In general, this is a good thing; more opportunity means more diversity and creativity in the scene.

But, all too often, the same tools that are used by one producer to break barriers are used by others as a crutch, to fill the space where talent and vision should reside. Thankfully, there are producers such as Jakob Möller who are always moving forward, and always pushing their sound in new and interesting ways. Jacob’s latest release shows that he has no intention of slowing down.

“Illas” is Jakob Möller at the height of his powers, the culmination of an ongoing journey of progress, experimentation, and evolution. It’s a vivid and complete track, well thought out and executed with style. Jakob highlights his talent in electronica with expertly crafted intricate drum patterns, luscious piano sounds and eloquent synth sections. We cannot wait to see what Jakob Möller does next.


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