Exit 22 – “Double Life”

Exit 22 Music is the brainchild of founder, Chris Calamera, a talented artist with over 20 years of experience in the music industry. More precisely, Exit 22 Music is a dynamic and charismatic NYC music production company, that mixes intuitive instrumentation with world-class production value and widely appealing lyrics in order to craft a blend of sound that transcend barriers and genre definition. With a unique personality and a striking collection of tunes under his belt, main composer, Calamera, set out to create songs that feel eclectic, yet direct and personal, echoing the work of seminal performers the likes of Matchbox Twenty, Kelly Clarkson and the Goo Goo Dolls, among others. With a string of releases already impacting the market, Exit 22’ Music’s recent critically acclaimed singles, include “Before I Fall”, “Last Goodbye”, and “Double Life”.

The single cover

Chris Calamera’s composition, “Double Life”, written in collaboration with Brent Swarthout and Timothy “TDC” Coleman, is an ell-embracing epic uplifting anthem that will sweep your emotions into an adrenaline-filled high, as the chorus soars – “Daytime, moonlight, walking in the fire, Addicted to this double life. Nighttime, sunshine, now I am alive. Addicted to this double life”.

In a recent interview, Calamera stated that: “One of the main things I have always encountered with music is how the lyrics and the music need to connect to one another so perfectly that the song becomes universal.” This is precisely what Exit 22 achieve with “Double Life”.

Of Exit 22 excel at many things, other than the songwriting and production. One in particular is the choice of singers on their tracks. The single releases all feature amazing female vocal talent, able to further elevate the quality of each song. And “Double Life” is no exception, with the singer showcasing her confidence, and when she smoothly roars the chorus, she is utterly convincing.

She has a charming voice; it’s powerful yet feminine, a lot more competent than a host of popstars, and it’s a mood pleaser. Exit 22 also makes sure that the song’s choruses are fully padded with rich male backing vocals which keep the overall high-energy atmosphere lushly layered and invitingly warm.

Chris Calamera – founder of Exit 22

Even though the sound of the song channels a modern vibe, the powerful melodic groove is vintage and makes you feel like you’re back in the late 80s. This is a radio song; one that you will amp the music of when it plays, as the lyric and the melody really get under your skin.

Clearly Chris Calamera has found a neat balance between the songwriting, the performances, and the production values that melds into tracks which circumnavigate eras and genres, making them timeless musical packages, endearing to a wide array of ears.

“Double Life” has been mixed into different versions, including an EDM mix by DJ Calz (another Chris Calamera alter-ego), as well as a smoother unplugged cut. Exit 22’s productions present a vision of pop-rock and dance, somehow airy and powerful, yet spacious and busy at the same time. Calamera can also tone it down and sculpt a melodic radio-minded nugget when he wants.

No matter how soft or hard his tracks might be, it’s always couched in confident musicality and melodicism. Chops like that are always in demand, and Exit 22’s impressive resume will no doubt continue to grow as he keeps working full steam ahead. Chris Calamera’s ear and musical versatility knows no bounds, and that’s a priceless look in a town brimming with music makers desperate to stand out from the pack.

A note of interest: Exit 22 Music has contests every month on their Facebook page for free digital downloads and memorabilia!


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