EB11 – ‘My Mistakes’ & ‘Normal Again’

EB11 – ‘My Mistakes’ & ‘Normal Again’

Sunday, 28 November 2021
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Eber Calderon aka EB11 is a songwriter and music producer based in Uddevalla, Sweden. He mostly writes and produces music for other artist and for T.V productions, but in his spare he tries to write music that he finds interesting, mixing genres for the fun of it. The EB11 project was launched many years ago, when being in a band was cool, while being solo was not. Since that initial stage EB11 has gone full circle – from a one man band, to a full band, to a duo, and now back to a one man band – releasing two full albums along the way. EB11 songs have featured in many famous TV shows like The Voice, WWF, NFL and NHL games among others, and also in the computer game Motor M4x.

Currently EB11 is promoting the One Mic / No VSTs project, featuring 4 songs in different genres, using only a budget audio interface, one microphone and real instruments. No samples, virtual instruments or loops were used for this project.

Three songs – ‘My Mistakes’, ‘In the Calm of the Storm’ and ‘Normal Again’ – have already been released, while the fourth track, ‘Do No Wrong’ will drop at the beginning of 2022. At its heart, the 4 track project is undeniably a rock recording, though each track has its own sub-genre flavor.

The production of this project is on par with any big budget popular modern release, despite the modest equipment, which makes for an incredible experience when listening in good headphones or a nice home theater system.

Moreover, there are many positive consistencies which run throughout most EB11 recordings. The song arrangements, the organic instrumentation, and the soaring vocals, are only some of them. All emphasizing the artist’s prerogative to develop and challenge audience expectations in 2021 and beyond.

Song 1 is entitled, “Normal Again”, and kicks off with a clean guitar and EB11’s close-up nuanced vocals. The track soon explodes with intensity and energy, driven by a thick beat before moving full circle. This is followed by song 2, which is entitled “My Mistakes”.

It runs on a dominant picked acoustic-guitar motif, and EB11’s resonating vocals which are awash with echoing melody. The song is further driven by a steady drumbeat and powerfully building basslines.

The larger point is that with EB11’s songwriting fearlessness, comes authenticity and that is as much what makes his music transcendent as is his ability to write a sprawling, ear-warming choruses. All of which brings to jangling strum of the third song, “In The Calm of The Storm”.

The track develops on a smooth and easy listening rhythm, which is juxtaposed by crunchier guitar interludes, and EB11’s lower and more understated vocal register, which allows the track to possess a pristine aching beauty and a precious warmth.

EB11 in many ways, defies categorization and expectation, while imbuing his music with a seemingly infinite, richly diverse series of influences and far-reaching musical tastes for its colors, textures and complexions. Every note, and every tone that EB11 adds to the sonic mix of One Mic / No VSTs is nothing short of perfection.


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