Chris D. Staples – “Make It Through”

From Estill Springs TN, Chris D. Staples grew up raised by both his parents. He attended the Church of Christ @ Old Cowan Rd as a child and now preaches there part time. A man with a panoramic vision, Chris works full time at Nissan while also going to school to become a K-5 teacher. Though passionate about his artistic creativity, he is fully aware that you may need a viable fall back plan in the event music doesn’t work.  Chris’ single, “Make It Through”, is a labor of love spurred on by the loss of both his grandmothers 2 weeks apart in 2013, followed by the loss of his mom a month later, and then his uncle, shortly after that.

“I went into depression,” says Chris, “and that’s when “Make It Through”, the song, eventually got me the courage and strength I needed to snap out of it. I wrote this song about that hard time, and want to inspire others with it.”

When someone you cherish and love dies, the pain and loss can be unbearable at first. I know as I have lost a father and even though he had lived a long and fulfilled life, the event was still heartbreaking for me. Not everyone grieve the same way. Some people grieve and cope with the loss in healthy ways, some just do not know what to do and end up drinking away their sorrows.

Whether you lose someone through an illness, accident, miscarriage, or any other unfortunate incident, “Make It Through”, shows you the type of positive attitude to take, by finding strength within yourself, to cope with the loss.

Chris D. Staples exposes his heart and expresses his painful journey of moving forward. “Make It Through” is a wonderful, encouraging song to help those who lost a loved one, and can’t make it through the days and nights of sorrow.

Chris lets you know that others, like himself have suffered this pain, and that you can make it through. Narrating his own experience, the song speaks to the heart of those filled with grief and pain to come back to life, light and hope, and not to cope with sorrow in dark, unhealthy ways. It’s a heartfelt and powerful gift.

His voice gravelly and emotional, his lyrics direct and easily relatable, Chris makes you understand that it is necessary to feel these pains in order to move forward and into a fulfilling and abundant life. His performance will inspire you to move in that direction and believe in a new beginning and a fresh start.

It’s clear from bar one that Chris D. Staples is authentic and uses his music to share his real struggles and faith. If you want a track that will utterly and completely capture and cocoon you in the honesty of its sound and lyrics, then “Make It Through” is the song for you. It is beautifully done!


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