Blind Lucy – “Perfect World”

Australian alternative rock band Blind Lucy, have worked with producer Nathan Woodrow on their four last tracks, shaping a sound that is both distinct and cohesive. They have announced their album release for late November and another single is due out in September. In the meantime the band has dropped the track “Perfect World”, to make sure no momentum is lost. The song is absolutely the statement of a band at their creative peak. They manage to not only surpass what they have done previously in terms of their musical compositions, but they also establish themselves as a rare and unrivaled commodity in an era that is more concerned with trivial Top40 garbage.

“Perfect World” is an amazing record. Through and through Blind Lucy is an underrated band. Stewart Wenham has a great voice, but what should also be known to many is that he also has a great band backing him. Steve Crewe (Lead Guitar), Andy Kelly (Bass, Backing vocals), and Timmy Cee (Drums) simply know what they are doing.

The lyrics are catchy and intimate, the guitars and rhythm is spot on, the drums are banging, and most importantly the song has something to say.  “Perfect World” use much tighter and more intricate guitar arrangements than their previous work. It is skillfully structured and introspective in terms of the songwriting.

The guitar work, the drums, the vocals, all tie together and give someone who doesn’t even understand a word of English a very accurate assumption of what is being said. If Stewart Wenham croons a powerful line above the rest, the volume and instruments will accompany that and sometimes portray more enthusiasm and meaning than the words themselves.

The band’s musical growth and maturity is immediately apparent. The track is not nearly as predictable, or formulaic as any of their previous singles. Blind Lucy also show a great deal of emotional depth with the hauntingly beautiful melody winding and interlocking with the guitar lines.

The hallmark of the band is the interplay between all the musicians, none of them really pushing for the spotlight but creating a sound that is greater than the sum of its parts. While the combination between instruments and vocals plays on the edge of intensity, the band shows a great deal of restraint and keeps the music loose and organic sounding.

On “Perfect World”, Blind Lucy manage to hone in their sound by striking a perfect balance between immediacy and technical ability. As it eagerly bursts forth from the floodgates, the unrelenting energy that permeates “Perfect World’s” run-time is immediately revealed – as well as just how inviting it sounds.

The guitars and keys are sprawling, the vocals are melodically captivating, and the drums are busy and ceaseless. It’s music with the capacity to satisfy even the shortest of attention-spans. Imbuing the band’s ear-catching, soaring tendencies with depth and intricacy.

The result of this dichotomous alternative rock combination is enthralling, and lends itself well to attentive, as well as cursory listens. “Perfect World” has the kind of sound that will haul you from behind your sound system to the front-row of the crowd. In an age where clinical management and calculated strategizing is the norm, it is refreshing to see Blind Lucy doing things on their own terms.

Blind Lucy’s 5th Single will be available on all platforms on the 29th of September.


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