Baba Beck – “YAHU” and “QUEEN”

Baba Beck is a solo artist and composer of Pop Rock, and Progressive rock songs. He is an unsigned artist waiting to be discovered, with over 10 music videos that he himself directed and created on YouTube. One of the things that is a common denominator in Baba Beck music, is his fresh an innovative approach to each new track. The riffs change, the style brings new ideas from the last one but at the end my expectations as a listener, are fulfilled. The quality of the organic recordings are raw but outstanding for an independent artist and the dynamics of the music and meaningful lyrics will remind you different eras in rock.

Some of his songs have three or four different musical movements within them and at the end you’ll see the relationship as he weaves the parts together. Of course to fully understand the art within the music, you have to listen carefully to the instrumentation, the arrangements, and read the lyrics.

Baba Beck’s guitar melds beautifully with all the other instruments and his music can be complex, or straight and catchy. When he plays acoustic guitar it also stirs up deep emotions. Moreover when he writes songs, he puts everything he has into them.

I’m new to Baba Beck’s music, so I ran through his catalog for a clearer understanding of what he does. And he doesn’t just do one type of thing. His songs have sections that really rock, others that are more pop-orientated, but there is plenty of music with cinematic dynamics, varied instrumentation, textures, and styles.

Mainly though, there is excellent musicianship throughout, and the guitars and solos really standout. It took me a few listens to make me realize that Baba Beck was sending out deeper message throughout his music, but you can take it at face value and still get the same listening pleasure.

You can experience many of the aforementioned elements on the track “YAHU”, even though it’s one of the more accessible pop flavored songs in Baba Beck’s catalog. It’ well-arranged with good layered instrumentation for a lush pop sound. The vocals are set further back in the production, resulting in an almost reverberated dream pop or shoegaze sound.

Another song of major interest is “QUEEN”. Here there is a renewed progressive energy, where Baba Beck’s has outdone himself with the arranging, guitar work and songwriting. This stuff is far removed from what we constantly hear on the radio, but we need to applaud artists for embracing diversity and we need it more now than ever.

The production on “QUEEN” even more inventive and strikingly dramatic where it needs to be in this futuristic styled progressive track. Baba Beck has been sailing the independent music ship on his own steam, flying the flag with a purpose and doing the underground rock music legacy justice. It really only remains to ponder what’s next for this eclectic musician. Life goes on and Baba Beck will continue to do his solo work and evolve, as he patiently awaits his break.

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