Amarrah – “No Surrender”

Singer, songwriter, and performer, Amarrah, can be considered a late bloomer in the music industry. Though she started taking organ lessons from the age of 8, she didn’t take music seriously until she was 23. She studied at Grant MacEwan University’s prestigious and competitive jazz college, has performed at everything from outdoor festivals, fundraisers, bars, coffeehouses, restaurants, and casinos, composed a music score for an animated film screened at the Ottawa Film Festival, contributed her vocals to a cover band and now frequently collaborates with other artists and musicians while recording as a solo artist.

Despite the negative psychological condition which initially plagued Amarrah, due to self-doubt and naysaying, the meaning of her moniker is tied to a powerful narrative that describes – a trailblazer, ambitious, free thinking, leader, motivator, idealistic visionary who is aware of their own innate powers. Energetic, courageous, and determined. All of which now makes Amarrah a modern mystic on a mission to inspire change, as she hopes to make the world a better place by creating music that speaks to the soul.

An artist with a strong affinity, and an almost psychic connection to animals, Amarrah now releases her first single “No Surrender”, from the EP of the same name. Starting eloquently with a gentle piano, and Amarrah’s beautifully nuanced voice, the vibrant rush of feeling that awaits the listener is carefully crafted to build towards its emotional crescendo. The song’s theme of victorious resilience echoes powerfully throughout.

The first impression is that Amarrah is a pretty damn good musician, and a hell of a singer. The track’s thickly layered arrangement, and the cutting-edge production showcases Amarrah’s penchant for propelling her crystalline and emotive voice to the core of her narrative, blending in magnificently with the accompanying soundscape.

There are plenty of inspired moments throughout “No Surrender”, but the swirling bombastic chorus, where Amarrah soars vocally, has to be its absolute enthralling apex.

The verses in “No Surrender” are primal, sketched by the thoughtful lines of piano, guitar and drums – allowing Amarrah’s voice to weave freely between the strains of her wistful melody. The bridge and choruses, however, unleash all the uplifting power both Amarrah, and the music possesses, translating into an affecting and absorbing listening experience.

There are very few voices that touch my soul, but Amarrah is one of them for sure. Amarrah’s vocal tones and range is something that needs to be heard. She sings without extra, overwhelming or unnecessary embellishments. Her voice is not aimed towards showboating, but is at the service of the song.

Amarrah’s primary concern is communicating her lyrical message, which she sings from the heart. Amarrah proves with “No Surrender” that she is extremely capable of producing music that is deep, rich, and moving.

Amarrah’s music is immensely beautiful and poignant, and her voice is the instrument that makes it soar, as she does to perfection with “No Surrender”. She may have been a late bloomer, but now as a fully matured woman, and artist, Amarrah proves to be a musician and singer of the highest quality, and this song reflects those standards most convincingly.


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