3Mind Blight – “Metamorphosis”

3Mind Blight is an international award winning artist, musician and songwriter in Metal, Orchestral Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, and Alt Rock with numerous #1 hit songs on radio and with millions of streams worldwide. This time he brings the single, “Metamorphosis” to the table. This track sits more comfortably in the heavy metal domain, with hints of progressive and power metal scattered around. 3Mind Blight’s guitar being at the forefront. Overall the piece feels very structured due in large part to 3Mind Blight’s prominence in the songwriting department. He seems to be navigating in the riff oriented mindset where the music requires intensity as well diversity.

Being a rabid 3Mind Blight fan, I like to think that I have some idea of what this artist is capable of and what he does and doesn’t do. With that being said, this track perfectly and evenly covers every aspect of his creativity and even adds some new taste that is harder to find on other releases. Metal’s aggressive facet is a treat to the ears when done tastefully and passionately, two aspects that are ever present on “Metamorphosis”.

This instrumental track shows 3Mind Blight at his most uninhibited. He will blow your mind with the riffs he can bust out, yet never does it just for the sake of showing off. It always fits with the music. “Metamorphosis” is heavy, but not for the sake of being heavy. Everything that 3Mind Blight puts into his music is there for a reason, and not just something he can piggyback on to cover up flaws.

“Metamorphosis” has everything you could want from an instrumental metal track: balls out heavy moments, bone-crushing guitar riffs, and terrific drums. This release shines head and shoulders above 3Mind Blight’s genre contemporaries, in writing and performance ability. He really hit a good chord here, as he manages to weave an interesting and gritty sonic template, based on riffs and rhythm alone, completing eschewing any dominant melodic line.

3Mind Blight turns on the emotion here, and crafts something beautiful, yet containing plenty of power. “Metamorphosis”, in this sense, is unforgiving and far removed from the trends that plague the current metal scene. It is an absolute stunner. One would be hard pressed to find an instrumental single that better represents the heavier end of the prog/power spectrum than “Metamorphosis”.

This record really showcases 3Mind Blight’s compositional and arranging skills, as well as his mastery of merging the groove with the metal. Best of all the sonic elements sound grand and authentic. There are no weak patches or poor samples, and nothing sounds clichéd or dated. Everything is built to match tension and precision with chunky rhythm riffing for a dramatic soundscape.

There’s enough dexterity here to make a distinct and undeniable statement of 3Mind Blight’s mammoth talent that far exceeds the stereotypical metal mentality. If you haven’t listened to “Metamorphosis” yet, you better do so quickly, or you’ll be late to the party.


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